Bollywood Movies That Addressed Social Evils

Bollywood Movies Addressed Social Evils:

Cinema is a place where you will find a movie on everything that prevails in our culture or our country. It’s a great way to initiate a conversation against various social evils that exist in our country. Cinema has the power to influence people and bring about the much-needed change in society. Movies show us the injustice or the taboo that we are blindly following without any proper explanation to it.  This kind of movies helps us to release how much work has to be done in order to become a developed Nation. Cinema and change go hand in hand and with these movies we expect people to bring in change or at least start a much-needed conversation on it.

1. Kya Kehna

Preity Zinta’s Kya Kehna, released in 2000, was way ahead of its time. The story revolves around the topic of teenage pregnancy and single parenthood. Characters and the story aim to create awareness on how important it is to give our love and support to the victim.

2. Main Meri Patni Aur Woh

The difference in height is one of the major issues couples face since time immemorial. No matter how trivial the issue is, it’s still important to address the negative thoughts it bring in with it.  The unspoken rule that the man should always be taller than his wife is something that we blindly follow. If a man is shorter than his wife then the fear soon converts into an inferiority complex that eats you inside and you feel depressed. This movie perfectly portrays this feeling through Rajpal Yadav’s character.

3. My Brother Nikhil

Bollywood Sibling Jodis
Bollywood Movies Addressed Social Evils

Sanjay Suri’s My Brother Nikhil is one of the many attempts of Bollywood to spread awareness for the much-feared disease, AIDS. This movie also deals with homosexuality, at the same time. Not many movies deal with two of the most important issues together and that makes this movie worth your time.

4. Margarita with a Straw

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Margarita with a Straw is one brave attempt by Bollywood to make its audience aware of struggles faced by teens with Cerebral Palsy and living a normal life while figuring out your sexuality.

5. Lipstick Under My Burkha

Bollywood has never really talked about women’s sexuality on-screen. This movie is a perfect watch for the ones who think that women and sexuality cannot be used in the same sentence. The movie revolves around four different women who come together on one screen to discuss their sexual needs.

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