Bollywood Friendships That Give us Major Friendship Goals

Some friendships last forever!

Bollywood Friendships Goals:

Bollywood Industry is a very strange place. The glamorous world of B-town is not that glamorous behind the scenes. There are way so many instances where Bollywood has proved to be a detrimental place. It’s no less than a miracle for friendship or any relationship for that matter, to last in Bollywood. It’s hard to trust people in such a competitive world where every other person is driven by self-growth or benefit. Finding a true friend in such an environment is rare or next to impossible. Despite all this, some Bollywood stars prove that nothing is impossible. They have managed to find their best friend in Bollywood and not only that they have stayed friends with them in every situation of their life.

1. The Kapoor-Arora Squad

You cannot take your eyes off them. They are beautiful and talented. And above all, they are truly best friends. The perfect girl squad manages to stay in touch and make each other happy especially in times like these. Recently, Bebo posted a collage of all of them sleeping. She captioned the pic “Friends that nap together, stay forever.”

2. Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan are best friends for ages. There is latterly nothing in the world that can hamper this beautiful bond.

3. Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan

Co-stars, Juhi Chawla, and SRK share a very special bond. Despite many ups and downs in their business, they managed to keep their intact. In an interview, Juhi recalled that during the shooting of Duplicate, Juhi lost her mother and she was devastated by it. It was Shah Rukh who supported her and gave her the strength to move on.

4. Abhishek Bachchan And Sikander Kher

Sikander and Abhishek are childhood friends. They have a brotherly bond with each other. When Aaradhya was born Sikander stated in an interview that the feeling of becoming a ‘chacha’ is beautiful.

5. Ananya-Shanaya-Suhana

The most famous Star Kid Trio. Daughter of Shah Rukh, Chunky Panday, and Sanjay Kapoor is often seen hanging together. The trio has been friends since they were little kids. Their bond becomes stronger with each passing year.

6. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn

Salman and Ajay have been friends for ages. They started their career around the same time which led to them becoming the best of friends. In an interview, Ajay even said, “The reason is non-interference. Salman and I came into the industry at the same time, and we have been here for the past 25 years. The actors from my generation know that we don’t need to mingle in society or party together [to stay friends]. I stand by my friends, and they do the same for me. That’s enough.”

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