Bollywood Characters That Were Too Good in The Movies

Bollywood Characters Too Good:

We are used to sinister-looking characters in the movies. We are still in the phase where we think that a Bollywood movie incomplete without a villain. We are so used to focusing on bad characters in the movies that we have almost forgotten that there are some good characters in Bollywood, who are so close to perfection that we secretly wish to meet them in real life. We bet you have also noticed such characters who have blown your mind away.

1. Arjun

Do you remember Akshay Kumar’s character, Arjun, from Namaste London? How perfect he was!! He was everything a woman wants in his man. His sacrifice to make his love (Katrina Kaif) happy was something you don’t get to see every day.

2. Poonam

Amrita Rao’s Poonam was so good of a person. Her attitude towards life and everything, in general, was top notch. Despite all that hatred she got, she never let anyone bend her soul. Inspiration, for real.

3. Mastani

Deepika’s Mastani in Bajirao Mastani will amaze you. Her selfless love for Bajirao is something you cannot miss out on. Her dedication to Bajirao is unparalleled. Even after so many insults, and let-downs, she never failed to impress us.

4. Vanraj

Vanraj from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is unbelievably amazing. His pledge to unite Nandini with her only love, Sameer is something we cannot imagine to see in real life.

5. Vivek

He is the ideal beta every maa would worship for. Yes, Mohnish Bahl’s Vivek is too good for real life.

6. Raju

Salman Khan’s portrayal of Raju, the most obedient brother in law will your heart. His loyalty towards his sister’s husband will make you want to have a man like this in your life.

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