Amazing Bollywood Characters Who Deserve a Stand Alone Movie

Some Bollywood movies are going great that even after so many years of its releases, the characters stay with us. You cannot deny the fact that some Bollywood characters are larger than life because of the way they are portrayed on -screen they seem surreal and dreamy. We all have our favorite characters in mind, and we are not satisfied with the limited amount of story we get to see on-screen. We, of course, want the reputed directors to explore the lives of the characters and let their fans know their origin and purpose of their character.

1. Circuit

Munnabhai Circuit Arshad Warsi
Bollywood Characters Deserve Stand Alone

Munna Bhai MBBS was a blockbuster hit at the time it was released. It has managed to impress both critics and audiences with its witty characters and funny story-line. Apart from Sanjay Dutt’s brilliant acting in the film, Arshad Warsi’s character also made the movie look lively. We want to know what happens to the circuit after the movie ends and how was he before he met Munna Bhai.

2. Ganesh

Jeeva’s Run was released in 2004. Vijay Raaj as Ganesh was hilarious in the movie. If you have seen the movie then you’d agree that his 20 minutes segment in the movie has been one of the best entertainment for all of us. It has been viewed more than 2,00,000 times on YouTube. That sort of attention would demand his movie.

3. Jailer

One of the greatest films in the Hindi cinema, Sholay, is a must-watch. Apart from so many iconic characters in the movie, one character who stands out is the jailer. His amazing “angreezon ke zamane wala jailor” is something we’d like to watch in the movie.

4. George Kutty

Bollywood Characters Deserve Stand Alone
Bollywood Characters Deserve Stand Alone

This character is from the movie Airlift. This movie was overwhelming as It makes you cry, feel proud and happy about our country’s achievements. At the same time, one character in the movie, George Kutty stood out with his personality. He is that guy you don’t like that much but end up getting stuck with. He is that gut on whom Bollywood should make a standalone movie.

5. Principal Yogant Kumar

This character is from the movie Main Hoon Na. It was a pretty serious movie, but thanks to the principal for making his presence enjoyable. All the scenes that involve the principle ere too funny to ignore. One should make a film on this character, and we are sure it’s gonna be a laughter riot for us.

6. Crime Master Gogo

This character has become an iconic character in the history of cinema. Even today, you will find people imitating this character. His role continues to be one of the most memorable and entertaining. This guy deserves a standalone movie, and we want to see his past and future after the movie ended.

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