Bollywood Celebs And Their Backstage Realities

A person working as a Manager in Bollywood comes out with stories of a few Bollywood celebs and their backstage realities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas (PCJ), Bhumi Pednekar and Shah Rukh Khan. When asked to answer a surprise question during an infamous reality show, there came some shockingly new revelations about the other side of Bollywood bigwigs, some good and some bad.

Bollywood Celebs And Their Backstage Realities

According to a manager, PCJ shouted at a fan of hers just to make him stop crying.

Going in detail, the manager told that there was an instance when the equipment manager was a huge PCJ fan. The fascination was so desperate that while taking a selfie, his hands started shaking. But instead of being an understanding public figure, she shouted at him and pushed his hand in such a way that made him drop the phone. Unable to handle this shouting the equipment manager started crying, but PCJ went further ahead with her worse behavior and told him to basically shut up or get fired. The manager was firm with his words, as this story was exactly the same from multiple sources.

Bollywood Celebs And Their Backstage Realities

The source further said that when it comes to Bhumi Pednekar, she gets irritated at her staff just because they have poor communication skills in English. She is a troublemaker for her staff and is a regular late arrival on shooting sites. And when it comes to being a disciplined and respecting person towards others, she is a strict no. He revealed that she is so much demanding that it is intolerable for her if she is not the center of attention for all. She makes the staff’s time with her a memorable one but in a negative way.

Bollywood Celebs And Their Backstage Realities

While on the other hand, SRK got praised for being a genuine person.

He gets the 2nd ranking in the list of best-behaved celebs. When it comes to his fans, he never disappoints them. Yes, he is a latecomer too, but he stays for a while after his work is done, just to ensure interaction with his audience and give them the much-wanted selfies. He gets the utmost respect for all this genuine behavior.


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