List of Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Vegetarian in Real Life 

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Vegetarian: 

The famous phrase “we are what we eat” is often used by many celebrities to highlight how important it is to follow a healthy diet. More and more people across the glop are shiting to a Vegetarian lifestyle. Even the Bollywood actors have set an example and shown how beneficial it is to follow a diet that is healthy as it helps you feel more energetic and happy. Bollywood celebs have to constantly be in front of the camera, and they have to look their best at all times. Naturally, they can not afford to follow a lifestyle that will hamper their on-camera presence. According to them, following a strict diet along with their workout is equally important. 

 1. Shahid Kapoor 

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is one of the wealthiest celebrities in B-town. Proud dad of two kids ha always tried to follow a lifestyle which will make him super active and fit for his roles. Shahid is a vegetarian and says that he gave up on meat after reading the book Life is Fair by Brian Hines which was gifted to him by his father. 

 2. Sonam Kapoor 

Sonam Kapoor Twitter

Not only did she go vegetarian, but she also gave up consuming all sorts of dairy products. According to her, she is in better shape now, and giving up dairy products have shown a positive effect on your body. 

 3. Kangana Ranaut 

Known for her brilliant acting skills and various controversies queen actress is also a vegetarian-turned-vegan. According to her, dairy products don’t suit her health, and as a result, she avoids consuming those products. She has noticed magnificent changes in her body since conversion. A few years ago, she was also awarded the sexiest vegan of the year by PETA. 

 4. Sonakshi Sinha 

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Dabangg actress does not shy away from expressing her love for animals. Increasing animal cruelty is the reason why Sonakshi gave up eating meat and consuming dairy products. The actress said that going Vegan did help her in increasing her metabolism. 

 5. Amitabh Bachchan 

 The Shahanshah of Bollywood is one of the most talented and disciplined actors. The reason behind his dedication and intelligence is following a strict and healthy lifestyle. He was awarded the title the hottest vegetarian by PETA.  

 6. Aamir Khan 

Mr perfectionist is also a vegan. He turned Vegan because of his wife as apparently, she showed him a video that explained how meant affects one’s health, and that’s exactly when he decided that he will give up eating meat and consuming dairy products. 

 7. Anushka Sharma 

Anushka Sharma Covid-19

We all how much Anushka loves her pets. Not only her pets, but she also makes sure she provides enough food and water to as many stray animals as she can. She gave up eating meat when she realized her dog hated the smell of non-vegetarian dishes. She is living a healthy meat-free life since then. 

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