10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Done Hair Transplant

Celebrities undergo hair transplants for restoring their old charm. Check out 10 Bollywood celebrities who have done hair transplant.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan

There was a time when nothing was working for him, neither his films nor his health. That’s when he started to lose his hair as well. But in the year 2000, he made a stellar comeback on TV with KBC and got a hair transplant.

2. Akshay Kumar

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Some trouble for him began in his 40s when he started to witness extreme hair loss. To rectify it, he opted for Follicular Unit Transplant treatment.

3. Salman Khan

Bollywood celebrities done hair transplant

He was spotted with some scabs on the scalp. It is rumored that he had undergone a hair transplant treatment performed by an American surgeon in Dubai.

4. Govinda

Sometime around 2012, he was missing from the Bollywood events, award functions and media glare. Things weren’t going well for the superstar. But made a return with good looking transplanted hair. He himself claimed to have undergone the treatment.

5. Sanjay Dutt

Sanju Baba has always been making headlines, for one reason or another. There was a time when Sanjay Dutt’s receding hairline became a hindrance in his career growth. He went on to go for stripe surgery which definitely regained his hair.

 6. Akshaye Khanna

Bollywood celebrities done hair transplant

Akshaye Khanna was one of the best actors among the lot in his time. But his time did not last for long just like his hair. So, he opted for hair weaving which resulted in natural hair growth.

7. Kapil Sharma

During his early days before getting fame, Kapil Sharma looked very different. Remember Laughter Challenge? Since, then he has gone major transformation in his looks and definitely went for a hair restoration surgery.

8. Vivek Oberoi

Bollywood celebrities done hair transplant

The on-screen Modi also lost his hair. In a bid to boost his failing career, he went for hair transplant. It didn’t do him much good even after that. Looks improved, career not so much.

 9. Himesh Reshammiya

Remember him singing with his iconic cap and mic. Well, the reason for the cap was his receding hair line. In order to act in movies, he got his hair back by getting them transplanted through a surgery.

 10. Abhijeet Bhattacharya

Bollywood celebrities done hair transplant

Inspite of his brilliant voice, he is controversy’s favorite child. His receding hairline was something that he wanted to get rid of and so, he underwent laser surgery in Dubai.


Ketki Varshney

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