10 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Previous Unknown Jobs

Everyone has a struggle period so do celebrities. Before becoming famous they did some jobs that you probably don’t even know about. Here’s a list of  Bollywood celebrities and their previous unknown jobs.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the finest method actors in our film Industry. But he has worked as a Chemist initially before coming to Delhi. During his struggle days, he also worked as a watchman in Noida.


Before coming to Bollywood, Hooda has done many jobs. He used to worked as a waiter, Taxi driver, and car washer. He had also worked as a bartender in his struggling period.


Akshay Kumar Assam Flood Relief

Akshay Kumar is the most prolific actor in Bollywood. The actor worked as a chef and a waiter in Bangkok. Before coming to Bollywood, Khiladi Kumar also tried his hands as an assistant photographer for Jayesh Shah. Kumar also worked in a Travel agency in Kolkata and in Dhaka.


Bollywood Shahrukh Khan Bollywood Celebrities And Their Previous Unknown Jobs

SRK wanted to pursue a career in sports, but couldn’t because of his shoulder injury. So he went to theatre and enhanced his acting skills. He also worked as an attendant at the concerts in Delhi and then got a role in Soap Operas.


Arshad Warsi initially worked as a cosmetic salesman and then tried his hands on dancing and started choreographing Bollywood songs. While he was choreographing the title track of ‘Roop Ki Raani Choroon
Ka Raja’, Jaya Bachchan offered him a role.


Ranveer Singh Talks To Trolls In Their Own Language For Calling Him 'Joker' & Mocking His Hindi

Ranveer Singh has always aspired to be an actor but due to Non-Bollywood background, thought It would be impossible for him to enter the Indian cinema. So he focused on his content writing job and worked as a copywriter in many advertising agencies.


Bollywood Actors Who Neither Drink Nor Smoke

This Delhi guy has struggled a lot before coming to Bollywood. At the age of 18, he started modelling but quit it after four years. Then he tried harder and became assistant director to Karan Johar on ‘My Name Is Khan’.


Bollywood Celebrities And Their Previous Unknown Jobs

Chopra initially wanted to pursue a career in Investment Banking. But after obtaining a triple hons degree in Business, Finance and Economics, she returned to India during the Economic Recession of 2009. She moved to Mumbai and stayed with Priyanka and then joined Yash Raj Films as a PR consultant.


List of Top Actors in Kollywood

Superstar Rajinikanth had to struggle for survival as well. He was a carpenter, coolie, and a bus conductor in the Banglore Transport Service before becoming an actor.


Taapsee Pannu Mathias Boe Bollywood Celebrities And Their Previous Unknown Jobs

Taapsee Pannu is a graduate in Computer Engineering and had worked as a Software Engineer for really long time. Then she became a model and featured in Channel V’s show ‘Get Gorgeous’.

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