Bollywood Actresses Who Nailed The Role of Undercover Agent

Do you remember reading the Nancy Drew series or Sherlock Holmes as a kid? We even used to watch CID on TV for hours and hours without getting bored. Even Bollywood soon released that this genre is much more famous and explorable, and that’s why we have seen some of the most interesting Bollywood mystery movies over the last decade. We have seen movies that involved a man solving a case and becoming the highlight. But did you notice that from the past few years, Bollywood has tried to bring about this change in a notion where they have included intelligent female spies in the movies. Let us go down the memory lane and celebrate some really amazing Bolllyood movies where Female Spies stole the show. 

 1. Vidya Balan 

This talented person has to be mentioned on top of the list. Don’t you think that her character in Kahaani was way too interesting? She has set the bar so high with her legendary performance in the movie. Nobody would have ever thought that a woman who is 8-months pregnant would be a secret agent. Brilliant piece of work. 

 2. Priyanka Chopra 

 Priyanka Chopra’s character in Don and Gunday purely stole the show. She was amazing in her role, and we cannot still get over the fact the girl who made two guys (Ranveer and Arjun) feel in love would be undercover. Her role as a bar dancer was so pure and natural that she easily decided, even us! 

 3. Preity Zinta 

Bollywood Actresses Undercover Agent
Bollywood Actresses Undercover Agent

Words may fall short in describing how perfectly Zinta blends into her character. We still can not believe this unexpected twist in The Hero: Love Story Of The Spy. Her innocence as a shepherd’s daughter convinced us into believing that she is just a decent character. But seeing this side of her where she does everything she could to save her country was interesting. 

 4. Vidya Balan 

 Can we give her all the awards in the category, please? She is one of the best actors in the market. Vidya Balan in Bobby Jasoos disguises herself to find something that she is interested in. She entertaining, funny, and charming, and maybe one of the best detectives you will ever watch. 

 5. Taapsee Pannu 

Bollywood Actresses Undercover Agent
Bollywood Actresses Undercover Agent

Taaspsee Pannu is the next big thing! Witch each movie, she shines even brighter. Her character in Baby and Naam Shabana was truly inspiring. In Baby, she was as interesting as Akshay. 

 6. Katrina Kaif 

Her role as in secret agent in Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda hai was applauded. Her stunts and her character was inspiring and challenging. We hope to see more of her as an undercover agent because clearly see how easily she blends into her character and starts doing all those stunts that look super cool.  

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