6 Bollywood Actress Who Were Too Good Female Ghosts in The Movies 

They'll sned chill down your spines!

Bollywood Actress Female Ghosts: 

Do you remember those night-stays where you all decide to watch a horror movie together? It’s so exciting to select and chose at least one horror movie that will you guys scream in fear. These below listed Bollywood Horror movies are too good. We are not exaggerating when we say that these movies will make ruin your sleep cycles. These actresses did a phenomenal job of playing the scariest ghosts. They look so real and authentic that it’s hard for you to imagine them as an actor. Let’s dive in. 

 1. Shabana Azmi

She is was so extraordinarily amazing in this one. If you are the 90’s kid then chances are high that Shabana’s Makdee has ruined your nights and has given you nightmares. She did a commendable job, and all the actors were brilliant. 

 2. Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma in 1920 is just crazy! Like literally. Her character transforms into a monster, and her creepy laugh was fodder for many people’s nightmares. It is, indeed, one of the finest horror movies in the Indian Cinema. 

 3. Vidya Balan 

Don’t tell me that you were not scared to watch Vidya’s portrayal of Manjulika. Her dance to Mere Dholna seemed so real and creepy, and it was hard to believe that we were watching a movie, Bhool Bhulaiya

 4. Konkana Sen Sharma

Bollywood Horror Movies

If you watch to watch a movie which is so gloomy, and creepy that it makes you feel uneasy that Ek Thi Daayan is the one you must watch. 

 5. Revathi 

Bollywood Horror Movies

Raat is a Ram Gopal Verma movie, and it’s considered as one of the scariest movies of all time. Revathi’s character has a ghost living inside her, and it will make you scream in fear. Just watch this movie if you haven’t already. 

 6. Urmila Matondkar 

Bollywood Horror Documentary Movies

Urmila Matondkar in Bhoot is the scariest character you will ever see. Urmila plays the role of Swati, who is on a murder spree. She is definitely not the one you would want to live nearby.

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