Bollywood Actors And Their Amazing Reading Habits

Bollywood Actors Reading Habits:

It goes without saying that reading is one of the best habits you can cultivate. It helps you find peace and understanding of life. It can turn around your life in a better way. It will help you to concentrate better, can improve imagination and above all, it will make you feel contempt. Especially in times like these, books can be your loyal best friend. Even some Bollywood celebrities rely on Books more than movies or TV shows. If you want motivation to read books then you can follow these Bollywood celebs and their reading habits.

1. Twinkle Khanna

After her acting career, she turned herself into a successful author. She is not only the best selling author, but is also an avid reader. Knowing the importance of reading, she has incorporated the habits into the kids as well.

2. Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan is a well-known personality in India. She is often seen around books in most of her Instagram photos. According to her Books give her peace and happiness. She has also made her daughter read books. During the lockdown, she posted a post of her daughter arranging her book collection on the floor. She captioned it “Booked for the week! #lockdown #stoppedcountingthedays #storytime.”

3. Saif Ali Khan

Just like his sister, on many occasions, Said is seen reading a book at his place. He even has a personal library at home which just shows how much he loves reading.

4. Alia Bhatt

Gully Boy Actress had also confessed that she loves reading. During the lockdown, she encouraged people to pass their time by reading as many books as they can.

5. Sonam Kapoor

If you are following her on social media, then you might know that she is an avid reader. She enjoys reading and through her social media, she recommends a lot of good books to her followers.

6. Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood Actors Reading Habits
Bollywood Actors Reading Habits

Shah Rukh Khan is a book hoarder, In an old interview, he even said, “I read anything and everything… I read three or four books at a time. I go to bookstores when I’m in London or America. I get a coffee and keep browsing for hours—something I can’t do in India.”

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