Bollywood Actors Who Died at a Very Young Age

Bollywood Actors Died at Young Age:

Thousands of people dream of becoming huge stars in the industry. They work hard, and with sheer determination, they can achieve a respectable position of a mogul. From the outside, the lives of actors and celebs seem to be perfect, but in reality, things are pretty upside down. When you try to see things closely, you understand how hard it is to be an actor in such a competitive world. These actors became a huge success overnight but despite all that fame, they died at a very young age and left the fans grieving. 

 1. Divya Bharti

 She became a household name in no time. With her good looks, and charming personality every director wanted to cast the diva in their films. With each film, she became even more famous and lovable. The talented actress died at a very tender age of 19. To date, there’s no concrete evidence as to how she died.

 2. Smita Patil 

Bollywood Actors Who Died Young

 Smita is another name in the industry that people can never forget. She was insanely talented who delivered several notable performances in her career. She even won a National Award and a Padma Shri for her contribution to the Indian cinema. She died at the age of 31 because of Child Birth complications while giving birth to Prateik Babbar. 

 3. Guru Dutt 

Bollywood Actors Who Killed Themselves

 Another famous name, Guru Dutt was a legendary director and an actor. He died when he was just 39 from an overdose of sleeping pills. To date, no one can really tell whether it was suicidal or accidental. 

 4. Meena Kumari

 There as no like Meena Kumari. Her grace and her beautiful face were a treat to watch on screen, The way she portrayed her characters on screen was just phenomenal. She died at the age of 39 years of liver cirrhosis. 

 5. Madhubala 

Real Name of Bollywood Actors

 Even the current generation is in love with this exquisite and larger than life beauty. She is one of the most iconic personalities of Bollywood and people even today celebrate her legacy that she has left behind. Her fancy was however short-lived as she died when she was just 36 years old due to complications in the heart and lungs. 

 6. Irrfan Khan 

 The world grieved when one of the most talented and the most humble person of Bollywood left us miserable during the pandemic. The actor was one of the most talented, suave personality to have ever existed in Bollywood. The Angrezi Medium actor died of a neuroendocrine tumor in 2020. He was 53 at the time he died. 

 7. Sushant Singh Rajput 

 This talented man who made his debut in Bollywood with a blockbuster died of suicide on 14th June 2020. He was just 34 years old year when he died and the complete world is still in shock. No one seems to believe that this talented man is no between us. His death has lead to various difficult revelations. People from all over the world have gathered together to fight against the injustice young actors face in the film industry. 

 8. Jiah Khan 

Bollywood Actors Who Killed Themselves

 The news of her death shocked the entire country. She was just 25 when she died of suicide in 2013. Jiah wrote a suicide letter where she blamed her then-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi pf various allegations. Later, He was arrested on the charges of abatement to suicide. Her death controversy still remains one of the biggest mysteries of Bollywood. She was a talented actress and had done a bunch of Bollywood movies. He first movie in Bollywood was opposite Amitabh Bachchan. 

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