Bollywood Actors Were Phenomanal in These Biopics

Bollywood Actors in these Biopics:

Bollywood is very particular about casting any actor. Before casting they make sure whether a certain actor can pull off the character well or not. Directors in Bollywood are obsessed with making biopics these days, and to make their movie stand out, they have to put extra effort in casting the right actor for their Biopic. These below mentioned Bollywood actors were too convincing that it became almost impossible for us to think of them as an actor playing a part. 

 1. Dirty Picture 

Vidya Balan’s character in this one was phenomenal. If there’s any actor who can pull off the role of sensational Silk Smitha, then it’s Vidya Balan. She was mesmerizing and beyond amazing in this one. 

 2. Daddy 

The most popular gangster, Arun Gawli’s character was played by none other than the dashing, Arjun Rampal. His role was so convincing that we don’t think people would ever forget how brilliant he was in this particular movie. 

 3. Mangal Pandey 

Aamir Khan’s Mangal Panday was one hell of a role. He was exceptional as Mangal Pandey and did a brilliant job of transporting us to a different era. We don’t have a lot of pictures of Mangal Pandey but all we can say is the Aamir Khan’s portrayal of the brave person will be etched in our hearts and minds. 

 4. The Legend of Bhagat Singh 

A lot of movies have been made on respected Bhagat Singh. So many actors played the role of this legend, but none of them succeeded in a way Ajay Devgn did. He fit so seamlessly into the role that it made the movie a blockbuster. 

 5. Sarbjit 

Is there anyone as talented as Randeep Hooda? Because we can’t find it. He is the most sincere actor we have ever seen on screen. His transformation for the role of Sarbjit was massive. 

 6. Neerja 

Neerja Bhanot’s brave story is an inspiration for millions. The role of Neerja couldn’t have been better done by anyone but Sonam Kapoor. 

 7. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag 

Farhan Akhtar was amazing as Milkha. He was the best choice and we cannot imagine anyone else playing this legendary character. 

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