‘Bigil’ Trailer: Vijay’s Flick On Football & Women Empowerment Is A Triple Treat

Thalapathy Vijay plays 3 roles i.e. Rayappan, Michael & Bigil all in the trailer of his upcoming Diwali box office release.

Shah Rukh Khan‘s Chak De India, that focused on women playing the sport of hockey was an Indian flick that best described these sports for women. Vijay’s Diwali release: Bigil which is about both i.e. a team of women playing football & him coaching them could be one tough competition to Chak De India.

Bigil Vijay Women Empowerment
Bigil Vijay Women Empowerment

Chak De India was the story of coach Kabir Khan who craved for respect & earned it. On the other hand, Bigil is the story of Vijay & his three shades. Vijay plays both Rayappan and Michael, who has adopted a more popular name ‘Bigil’.

Rayappan is a rowdy personality, who has no qualms when it comes to killing someone. He ensures that people are scared of him.

Michael is a decent-looking guy but equally dangerous. He does not command respect, but he does not accept people poking their nose in his business either. He too is not afraid of taking a few lives.

And when it comes to Bigil, he’s a legend who is worshipped in the minds of some people, including the character played by Jackie Shroff. Bigil’s character is still a mystery in this trailer. Bigil was a football star in the past and is now coaching a women’s football team. Latter fear him and call him rowdy. Bigil who is a bully and might be hated among the team members much like Kabir Khan was hated in Chak De India. But alike Kabir Khan, he somehow gains the trust of every woman in the team & they surrender to his training methods.

Bigil i.e. Michael is a lover too. A romantic person who has found his love in Angel, played by female actor Nayanthara. This trailer carries a tagline – dedicated to all women, thus hinting that the film is all about women empowerment. While ironically, Vijay is taking most of the screen time, the women in the trailer also show some muscles proving they are more than just another female whom the society considers weak. After a tough training session, Bigil is ready with his women’s football team. There’s some laughter too in this trailer, when Rayappan while pretending to be a pro at football, ends up adjusting his dhoti.

Have a look at the Bigil trailer here:



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