Bigg Boss 14 Haunted? Abhinav Shukla And Aly Goni Share Their Stories

Bigg Boss is the most loved reality TV show in India. Every year, this house becomes the epicenter of all the controversies that go around in the industry. Every year contestants come and go, but one thing that remains consistent- is the old Bigg Boss house. It’s said that the house is apparently haunted and we are not making this up. The contestants and the people who work on the show have experienced scary activities inside the house. The 14th season of the most talked show, Bigg Boss, has also some paranormal activities going on inside the house.

Bigg Boss 14 Haunted
Bigg Boss 14 Haunted

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss, contestant Abhinav Shukla, Shradul Pandit, Aly Goni, and Jasmin Bhasin were seen discussing their scary experiences inside the house. In a video, Shardul was heard saying that when he was returning from the washroom area, he saw the main gate of Bigg Boss closing and opening. he brushed it off by saying that Bigg Boss was playing with him. To which Abhinav said, that he even experienced something similar to this on the first day of his stay.

Abhinav said that he does not believe that Bigg Boss is behind all these mysterious activities. He said that even he felt something eerie on the first day of his stay. He went on to narrate his experience, he said, “What happened the first day was that I woke up at night to go the washroom. As it was cold, everyone was frequently going to pee. The time I went, I opened the door and I felt a breeze of cold air sweep by me. Even though it was cold at that time but it felt different. As soon as the breeze went past me, I saw the camera behind me hanging and the other camera stuttering, despite having a smooth gimble.” Jasmin was shocked at hearing this incident and said, “Just like that day when all the cameras of the house were hanging.”

Jasmin’s rumored boyfriend, Aly Goni, who has recently joined the Bigg Boss house, also talked about his paranormal experience, he said, That night I got out of the washroom after taking a shower and I kept my towel on one side. After I came back with my clothes, I swear I saw the towel was on the other side of the room. I am not joking, this did happen to me. At first, I thought it was me who is going mad but now that Abhinav has mentioned such an incident, I am realizing it now.”

Even the ones who work on the show have claimed to have experienced something strange inside the house. Some of them claim that they have seen a shadow of a woman sitting on their chest making them feel choke and nauseous.

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