Bhumi Pednekar Breaks Her Silence on Dark Skin Debate in Bala

Bhumi Pednekar who plays a dark-colored skin girl in Bala is facing criticism along with ‘Bala’ filmmakers for making fun of dark skin in the film. These critics allege that Bala is a mockery of dark-skinned people & that if they really needed to present a dark-skinned character, they could have used a dark-skinned actor, instead of putting color on Bhumi.

This debate has been going on for a long while now. And Bhumi finally broke her silence refuting all these claims. She is of the opinion that this debate is the same as the ageism debate in Saand Ki Aankh & as an actor, if she can’t play a variety of roles, then she cannot be considered an actor.

Bhumi Pednekar Dark Skin Debate Bala
Bhumi Pednekar Dark Skin Debate Bala

In an interaction with IANS, Bhumi said,

“See, that was the character. When people see the film they will understand that it is not making fun of colour. It is a film that is trying to break the basic bias or the obsession that people have with fair-skinned India.”

“I have been reading up all the articles and, again, it comes down to the same thing that started the ageism debate over Saand Ki Aankh. I don’t think there is a right or a wrong. As an actor I am doing my duty. I am an actor so that I can play different characters. If that doesn’t happen, I won’t exist,” she said, adding, “For instance, if that doesn’t happen, in Dum Laga Ke Haisha it shouldn’t have been me because I had to gain 30 kilos for the film. It should have been somebody else playing the role.”

She shared her reason behind taking up this role,

“All my films are different and in all my films I look different. I am very clear. Even if I have to play a man I will do it. I’ll do whatever it takes,” she said, stressing “It’s my director’s prerogative. If he comes to me with an interesting part, why will I not do it?”

A balding man’s story, Bala will release on November 7.


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