Bharat Trailer is Out & It Is Beyond Just a Visual Spectacle

A couple of hours ago, Bharat trailer dropped online and got everyone’s attention in just a little time. The much-awaited trailer of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer is officially out now, and it is patriotism heavy. In a one of a kind movie, this will show Salman Khan’s life journey as Bharat along with the country spanning about 60 years, from the 1960s to 2010s. As the trailer reveals, the movie will take us along the journey of a middle-class old man who apparently has experienced war, partition, love, patriotism and every other emotion.

Before we talk about it any further, have a look at the trailer first:

As it was reported earlier and seen in the teaser, Salman will sport several looks and take up different professions. First, he was seen as playing a motorcyclist performing stunts in a circus, then a Navy Officer, then a miner and lastly, an aging boxer. The part in the circus is set in the 60s, and there, Disha Patani will play her colleague in that part who is also a trapeze artist in the film.

Bharat Trailer

What is interesting is that unlike the teaser, the trailer showed every character from the movie in such a way that their contribution to Salman’s character in the film is understandable. We get clear glimpses of Sunil Grover, playing a loyal friend to him, Katrina Kaif, playing Madame Sir and Salman’s wife in the movie along with Jackie Shroff and Sonali Kulkarni, playing his parents.

The movie is based on a Korean drama ‘Ode to My Father’, the rights of which were brought by Atul Agnihotri, Salman’s brother in law. The trailer shows Salman remembering his father in beautifully shot flashback sequences, with whom he must have gotten separated during the partition era. The movie also has impactful dialogues which add to the different plot of the film. One of the most impactful one remains the opening dialogue where he says,

“Logon ko lagta hai ki iss buddhe, common man ki life kitni boring rahi hogi. Ab unhe kya bataaye. Jitne safed baal mere sar aur daadhi mein hai, usse kayi zyaada rangeen meri zindagi rahi hai. (People assume that this old common man’s life would be extremely boring. How do I tell them? My life has been just as colourful as the whites in my hair and beard).”

Bharat Trailer

Talking about the trailer and not talking about Salman and Katrina’s amazing chemistry would be an injustice to them. Just like all their previous movies, their pairing in this one too looks to be promising. Katrina can be seen in heavily curled hairstyle throughout the movie, looking just as beautiful. Each of their scenes together looks nothing short of surreal.

Bharat Trailer

The film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar who has earlier collaborated with Khan in movies Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai. Both the movies were massive box office hits, and this one too looks extremely interesting and a blockbuster.

How excited are you for this one? Tell us in the comments.


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