THIS ‘Bharat’ Actor Works as a Swiggy Delivery Boy in Free Time

Bharat is currently selling on silver screen because it has Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif and definitely a good script that is penned, but there’s something new that has been discovered in this movie that went unnoticed till date which is real and definitely more inspiring than the above mentioned 3 things.

It is Chetan Rao. Chetan did a small character role in Bharat and has also been a part of TV show ‘Savdhaan India’ and Netflix’s ‘Delhi Crime’. But this is common for every B-town citizen. Here’s where things get interesting and inspiring, he is a part-time food delivery boy with Swiggy in Delhi.

Success demands struggle no matter in which field you are doing efforts for success. And those who make it big have some unique stories hailing from their struggle days to tell. Like Nobel Laureate: Albert Einstein once worked at the Patent Office in Europe to make his ends meet. And this struggle of his did not go waste. Even after his death, the document that contained his signature amongst Patent Applications fetched millions of dollars in an auction.

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Chetan’s story was brought into limelight when Actor Rajesh Tailang tweeted about his struggle. He tweeted,

“Today the #swiggy delivery guy, who delivered food at my place is an actor and he did a cameo with me in #delhicrime . Whenever he is not getting acting job, he does this. RESPECT.”

When Chetan was interviewed by HT about his struggle days, he shared,

“I generally get a role of about 2-3 minutes but that doesn’t matter to me. Even a minute role is enough to fuel my passion for acting. “Mujhe TV aur films dekhne ka bahut shauk hai. Mai hamesha se actor banna chahta tha. Socha, film institute ke liye paise nahi hain toh theatre kar lun, lekin utne paise bhi nahi the. Toh fir maine TV ko guru bana liya. Dekh-dekh kar acting sikh gaya, (I was always fond of watching TV shows and films. I had always wanted to become an actor. So I thought, why not put together some money and join a film institute? But I couldn’t afford it, so I taught myself by watching TV”

On being asked the reason behind working as a delivery boy, he shared,

“Pehle toh mai spot boy ki tarah kaam karta tha, in film jo Delhi mei shoot hoti thi. Apne sapne ke kafi kareeb tha mai tab bhi. Set pe logo ko dekh ke hi acting sikha. Ghar jaake wohi dialogues bolta tha jo actors ko dekhta tha sets pe karte hue (laughs) (I used to work as a spot boy. I used to observe the actors on set and repeat their lines after going back home),” he says.

Slowly, he gathered the confidence to audition for small roles. Speaking about it, he said,

“Mujhe aram se chotey motey roles mil jatey hain, (I get small roles with relative ease).” While acting is his passion, he still needed to earn money and that’s when he took up the job of a food delivery boy, “I don’t earn much through side roles so I work as a delivery man to manage my expenses.”

When Chetan was asked whether people recognise him while he is doing deliveries. He shared,

“Sometimes, log pehchan lete hain, kabhi nahi pehchantey. Acha lagta hai jab koi kehta ki aapko kahin dekha hai, aur acha lagta hai jab kehte hain ki aapko TV ya film mei dekha hai… (Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It feels good when they say they’ve seen my work).” He concluded on a positive note by saying, “I know that I am a delivery boy today, lekin ek din mehnat se mai superstar jaroor banunga (One day I will become a superstar because of my sheer hard work).”

One thing is for certain that post reading the struggle story of Chetan going public on National Daily and Social Media, Salman’s Bharat has got one additional USP. And if one day, Chetan makes it big, the content on a biopic on him is already available in the public domain.

So wait and watch for the time to do its job!


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