10 Romantic Bollywood Movies That Show What True Love Really Looks Like

Love is a beautiful feeling and Bollywood is one of those cinemas that have Mastered the art of producing the best romantic movies. There are many romantic Bollywood movies that give us relationship goals. So, today we have listed ten best romantic Bollywood movies that show what it’s like to be in love.

Yeh Jawaani Hain Dewaani

Yeh Jawaani Hain Dewaani is a complete package movie that made the audience laugh, it made us all cry, it made us see life from a different angle. This movie is all about young age love and friendship, it gives out a beautiful message to the audience of living our dreams. Each and every song of the movie had a different story to tell they all were beautifully directed the main role were played by Ranbir Kapoor (Bunny) who fell in love with Deepika Padukone (Naina).

Jab We Met

Jab we met is one of the most popular romantic Bollywood movies of all time, the main attraction of the movie was  “Geet” the role that was played by Kareena Kapoor , Geet was a girl that was full of life she met Aditya ( Shahid Kapoor ) in train and eventually, they fell in love. Only a few people know  about this that Imtiaz Ali the director of this film  approached Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta as the main leads first  but later he  asked Kareena to play the role of Geet, however, Kareena Kapoor asked the director to cast Shahid Kapoor in place of Bobby Deol as they both were dating at that time.

Wake up Sid

Wake Up Sid is one of those movies that every teenager can relate to these days because these days all the youngsters are unable to decide what field they should choose, what dreams they should pursue. The main role is played by Ranbir Kapoor (sid)  who belong to a rich family in order to realize the value of the money he went away from his family, he met Aisha (Konkana Sen ) on his journey and eventually they both fell in love. 

Rehna Hain Tere Dil Mein

Love, at first sight, is hard to believe these days but R. Madhavan made us believe at love at first sight by his brilliant acting he was playing the lead role of Maddy, who fell in love with a girl named Reena (Dia Mirza) . You know the best thing about the movie other than acting were the songs of the movies that credit goes to the legend himself A.R Rahman.  Each and every song of the movie goes straight into the heart.

Ae Dil Hain Mushkil

This movie is all about the complicated love, the star cast of this film is itself was a treat to watch like Ranbir Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Anushka Sharma and Fawad Khan. Arijit Singh voice in the songs of the movie was like a cherry on the top that made all the songs so enchanting.

Band Baja Baarat

Confessing your  love feelings to other person whom you love is one of the hardest tasks to do,  that is  what happened between the main leads of the film Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma (Shruti) they both worked together as business partners and they fell in love but later that they realise that are both made for each other and only as a team they are successful business partners .

2 States

India has developed so much in all the fields but inter-caste  marriage is still a stigma in the society that  makes many lovers to give up on their love because of the fear of the society and family. 2 States is one of the best Bollywood romantic movies the story was inspired by one of the novels of the writer Chetan Bhagat . The lead roles were played the Arjun Kapoor (Krish) who fell in love with a girl named Ananya ( Alia Bhatt) she was a south Indian girl after completing their studies they both decided to get married that is where the most difficult part came they both wanted their family to approve their relationship.

Love Aaj Kal  

Romantic Bollywood Movies

Time has changed, and due to changing times the meaning of love has also changed for each and every individual. This movie showcases the love between two different generations in a very beautiful way. This movie was first ever film of Saif Ali Khan production house.


Love is a beautiful feeling, when you love someone everything that you do with them seems right. you feel like a strong person a better person you have a constant companion, this movie is one of the best example to showcase like what is true love the main lead role played by Ranbir Kapoor (Jordan) who wanted to become a rockstar fell in love with a girl named heer (Nargis Fakhri)  she was suffering from a disease but only the company of Jordan made her feel better, love can do wonders don’t you think ?


Love triangle is a kinda complicated situation but its true, this movie is one of the beautiful examples of love triangle that we have come across from Bollywood, the main lead role actors Meera (Diana ) Veronica (Deepika Padukone) and Gautam (Saif Ali Khan )were close friends but eventually Veronica fell in love with Gautam and Gautam was in love with Meera , Meera used to love Gautam too so that’s where all the complications Started from . 

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