Best Movies of Manto Director Nandita Das

Best Movies of Nandita Das:

If you’re a true lover of cinema, then chances are high that you love Nandita Das as much as we do. The only reason why she is among the best actors and directors is that because she is real. She believes that Cinema can bring about change in society, and through her films, you will always see her showcasing real India or the real-life stories that can affect the present. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best movies of Indian actor-director Nandita Das.

1. Manto

2018 biographical drama film Manto features Bollywood superstar Nawazuddin Siddique and Rasika Duggal as main leads. The film talks about a Bombay based writer, Saadat Hassan Manto, who is terrified of the partition. Because of the Indian-Muslim tension, his family is forced to leave the country. The film is set up in the 1940s and every scene is so real and authentic that you will forget that you are watching a movie. Nandita directed this film and for that, she won the Filmfare award for the best feature film.

2. Firaaq

Another Nandita Das directorial, 2008 film Firaaq is a political thriller film that is based on 2002 Gujarat violence. The film revolves around the aftermath of the riot. It shows how common people suffer due to a riot and what all consequences they have to face. Firaaq stars the best actors of Bollywood namely Naseeruddin Shah, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Paresh Rawal, and Tisca Chopra as main leads. This film won the critics’ best film award and the National award for the best editing.

3. Fire

1996 film fire is directed by Deepa Mehra. The film features Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das as main leads. The complete film is way ahead of its time. The story revolves around two women who find peace and love in each other. They both release mad fire inside their hearts for each other. This sensitive love story was brilliantly directed. The actors did an amazing job of bringing these complex characters to the big screen. If you will watch this film now, you will release that it’s a perfect drama film that deserved more recognition and success.

4. Before the Rains

Did we not tell that Nandita Das also featured in international films? The Indian-British period film, Before the rains, is directed by Santosh Sivan. It stars Nandita Das, Rahul Bose, British actor Linus Roache as main leads. This dramatic ill-fated love story revolves around a colonial Britisher and his Indian servant. The story perfectly captures the tale, and the visuals make this movie worth applauding and appreciating. Watch this movie as you will not be disappointed as it has a good story, great actors, and breath-taking visuals.

5. Earth

Another thought-provoking film Earth released in 1999. It features Aamir Khan, Rahul Khanna, and Nandita Das as main leads. This film is based on the 1947 partition. This film is an emotional ride for cinema lovers as some visuals and stories will make your heart weep. Acting, story, and direction will not disappoint you.

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