Badshah Keeps His Promise With Genda Phool Creator Ratan Kahar

Keeping his promise, Rapper Badshah paid INR 5 Lakh to Ratan Kahar, who is the original creator of Genda Phool song, that Badshah recreated onscreen in collaboration with Jacqueline Fernandez.

Jacqueline Fernandez, on the other hand, is defiant to date, whenever asked to comment on Ratan Kahar’s plagiarism claims that have supported both from inside and outside the music industry.

Badshah Keeps His Promise With Genda Phool Creator Ratan Kahar

Bollywood music sensation Badshah and actress Jacqueline Fernandez made waves with their chemistry in Genda Phool and the song went on to become a trend, but not without getting its share of controversy. Badshah who sometime back promised to mend the matter with Ratan Kahar, kept his word after promising to help out Boro Loker Biti Lo’s original creator Ratan Kahar on “humanitarian grounds”  and deposited Rs 5 lakh into the veteran folk artist’s bank account.

Badshah Keeps His Promise With Genda Phool Creator Ratan Kahar

For the unknown, Badshah was accused of plagiarism for using Ratan Kahar’s song Boro Loker Biti Lo in his latest single Genda Phool without giving him due credit. The rapper had also addressed the controversy and had informed his fanbase via his social media account that he would like to do “whatever possible on my part on humanitarian grounds to put this right”.

This Friday, Badshah got in touch with the Birbhum-based folk singer Ratan Kahar through a video call, noted down his bank account number and without wasting any time transferred the amount that was due. After he received the money, Ratan reportedly gave a call to Badshah to thank him for the same and also extended an invitation to the rapper to visit him at his residence in Siuri, a small town in West Bengal’s Birbhum district.

In a recent media interaction, Ratan Kahar had said,Badshah Keeps His Promise With Genda Phool Creator Ratan Kahar

“I want Badshah to come over to my place and talk to me. I would first like to thank him for using my song. I am also eager to discuss music with him if he has the time.”

The veteran folk singer had also asked for some monetary help from Badshah as he currently lives in poverty-stricken conditions.

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