Ayushmann Khurrana Talks About Coronavirus’ After Effects on Film Industry

Vicky Donor aka Bollywood star: Ayushmann Khurrana talked about how the coronavirus pandemic will ‘hit’ the film industry.

Ayushmann also added that the ongoing nationwide coronavirus lockdown should continue until

“we are free of this virus”.

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana like most of the Bollywood celebs have been practicing social distancing, joining the rest of the country and the world amidst the coronavirus lockdown imposed by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. In a recent interaction with Rajeev Masand, the actor spoke about the uncertainty that looms once the lockdown is over.

These were his words,

“Absolutely, look at me. The first time I am doing an interview with make-up. My wife says I have started looking like the professor of Money Heist.” On the subject of whether he was teaching his kids, Ayushmann added that the experience is “pretty different, but now we have got used to it. Online classes are happening, which is unique for us.”

Ayushmann further added that the lockdown should continue till “we are free of this virus”. According to him, one cannot deny the fact that there would be serious financial implications in a long-range, but lives matter most when compared to money.

“Our industry will take a hit for sure. People will think twice before going to theatres or any public event.”

When he was asked whether there would be a change in the kind of films he would want to do, Ayushmann said,

“I am sure the kind of films we will make will be different from the kind of films we have seen earlier. How to make it topical is the real challenge. I want to go back to sets, have some reading sessions, jam with directors, go out on locations, I am missing that madness.” Ayushmann finished his interview by saying that he was pretty sure that the lockdown would be extended and that it was difficult for him and his family to keep up with sanity.

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