Ayushmann Khurrana’s Wife Tahira Kashyap Reveals She GAVE UP on Their Marriage Many Times

Ayushmann Khurrana, in recent years, has written his name in Bold when it comes to the roles, characters he chooses to play on screen. While everyone is busy being the “quintessential hero” with six-pack abs, action-packed sequences, high end set locales, actors like him are slyly paving their way on the side bringing forth characters that are far more relatable and accepted by the audiences. While on the work front, he is collecting accolades like a boss, on his personal front too, he has been a rock solid husband to his wife, Tahira Kashyap.

Their love story stands to be on the lines of one of the cheesiest Bollywood RomComs. The two are childhood sweethearts who fell in love and eventually got married. But turns out, their relationship too faced ups and downs like any other. It wasn’t all mush and it all started when Ayushmann debuted in Bollywood in 2012 with Vicky Donor.

Talking about her sinking marriage with the actor who had girls drooling over him, she revealed,

“I had a problem with him kissing on screen. I felt like a big, huge fat whale sitting at home. When you are pregnant your hormones also go up and down. Here this boy is looking at his youngest youth best and he is romancing women and what is this onscreen kiss! We both were very young. He didn’t have the time and patience to take me along and I didn’t have the patience to understand. There was this disconnect that we were not there for each other to take each other along in that journey. Somewhere he knew that she doesn’t mean mad. I also knew he wasn’t cheating. I had to evolve as a person to understand what art is.”

Adding to that, she said that though she had given up several times, her man did not. She told the media,

“I had given up many times but he did not. He didn’t use to give up but he also didn’t make up… We both have really evolved as artists, as companions and we have seen a journey including cancer being a part of it. Where we are right now, it is at its strongest best,”

Tahira is a soon-to-be-director and she also mentioned that she wanted to be a add-on to the talented man.

“He has reached a certain professional point of his career and I didn’t want to be a shame. I was very scared what people would think. We are our biggest enemies,”

When asked about her directorial debut and how Ayushmann reacted to her wish, she spilled that she did not tell him about her plans for the longest time. Further, about the movie, she concluded,

“It will be shot entirely in Mumbai. It’s a slice-of-life film, which will have 5 girls.” Any girl who will be more like Tahira? “Oh, there’s a bit of Tahira in every girl in that bunch of five,”

Tahira won her battle with Cancer recently and Ayushmann has wrapped up shooting for Article 15.


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