Ayushmann Khurana Believes Cinema Can Remove Gender Discrimination; Here’s How

Ayushmann Khurana Believes Cinema Can Remove Gender Discrimination — The root cause of all the discrepancies regarding men and women in the society is now believed that the society started looking at every designation from the perspective of woman and man. Actor Ayushman Khurana believes that if these posts are not judged by gender and if they are allowed to remain in their original form, then the effect can be far-reaching.

A major initiative to end gender determination at the awards came from the Berlin Film Festival this year. There will now be an award for ‘Best Actor’ instead of ‘Best Actor’ or ‘Best Actress’ and it can be any man or woman who wins it. Two such awards were decided by the Berlin Film Festival Organizing Committee, one for best lead acting and the other for best supporting acting. Ayushmann Khurana believes that this decision will be far-reaching & should be followed by other countries as well.

Ayushmann wants that all the priests of India should also seriously consider this new trend. He hopes that If all the award ceremonies in India take such steps in the right direction, then the efforts to make the society more developed will get a lot of strength. He believes that the act should be judged according to pure talent rather than judging it according to the gender of the performer.

He also believes that the roots of discrimination on the basis of gender are very deep & the film industry can contribute like a champion in changing such situations.

He Said:

I wholeheartedly welcome this decision of the Berlin Film Festival. I hope that all the film festivals of the country as well as the whole world will do the same. After all we are the artists, and these The division between women and men only exposes the long-standing differences in our society.

With this Ayushman has given his opinion on the discrimination happening.

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