Arjun Rampal’s Girlfriend Gabriella Turns Into A Hair Stylist For Him

Bollywood Actor: Arjun Rampal took the help of his girlfriend: Gabriella Demetriades, when the time came to trim his beard as the lockdown has been given a 4th extension till May 31st.

Like most celebrities both on-shore and off-shore, Arjun Rampal too let his beard grow out during the lockdown. But as soon as the news came out that there would be the 4th version of coronavirus lockdown, Arjun arrived at a decision to not let his beard grow any longer and asked his girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades for help in doing this job.

But Arjun also warned his fans that if they don’t hear from him after this post, they should ‘know how it went’.

In a video shot by Gabriella, Arjun could be seen saying,

“So quarantine has been extended till 31st May and I can’t grow this beard any further. So Gabriella is going to help me cut it and if I don’t post in 2 hours, you know exactly how it went.”

To which Gabriella replies, ‘Oww’ to this.

Arjun posted this video and captioned it with the words,

“The extended quarantine has got the better of my beard. Time to let it go!!!!hopefully it grows back before filming commences…. #hairtodaygonetomorrow.”

Have a look at the video below:


Talking about Arjun and Gabriella’s present location. This Duo who have a 10 month old son together are currently in isolation in Karjat, Maharashtra, where the former was shooting before the lockdown. This couple arrived on a common decision to stay away from Mumbai for the sake of their son’s safety.

Maharashtra is the worst hit Indian state when it comes to coronavirus pandemic on Indian mainland.

Sometime back Arjun was quoted as saying,

“We decided to stay back for my son’s safety. While he is too young now, this will be a story to tell him when he grows older. Besides, Mumbai is just a few hours away, and hence, easily accessible in case of an emergency.”



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