Here’s Why Arjun Kapoor Wants to Try Live-in Relationship With Malaika Arora Before Marriage

Since the screening of India’s Most Wanted, where Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora posed together like a true couple, the Gunday actor has become quite comfortable and open about talking on his and Malaika Arora’s relationship and future plans. In a recent interview with The Quint, Arjun told about the live-in relationship and also unveiled why he thinks that before marrying someone, it’s far better to try a live-in relationship.

Arjun says,

“I live with my sister. It is practically two people living in a fairly comfortable house where there’s space. For me, personally, I believe in the institution of marriage but I do not believe that you need to jump the gun. If you want to see if you are capable of living together you can just live together for a bit and see.”

Arjun Kapoor Malaika Arora

According to him, his family would not have any issues with his choice to be in Live-in before marriage. He said,

“What is marriage? It allows you to live together. Today we live in a modern enough society and Mumbai is a place where living-in is not going to be questioned. At least my family has never questioned it. I am independent person. If I make that choice, they will respect it. If it allows me to make a choice fundamentally where I feel okay this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, then I’ll culminate it in marriage.”

Arjun thinks being in a live-in relationship can save more collateral damage. While speaking more about his feelings he said,

“If tomorrow I decide that it is not working for me for whatever reason then at least we have the ability to walk away without more collateral damage. That is the reason I have always said that in interviews.”

Arjun feels he is more stable now.

“Today where I am sitting, I think I have to enjoy what I have before I start planning the future. I’ve had a roller coaster life. Personally and even professionally for that matter if you look at my ups and downs. But if there is the stability that has come my way, then I need to learn how to handle the stability also. Stability came my way earlier also in the past in the form of relationships or friendships, but I was too scattered. I didn’t want it.” he asserted.

Arjun concluded by saying,

“I wanted to just work, work, work. I was chasing a distraction because I had lost my parent. I had lost my mother. I didn’t care much for this side of my life. Because this didn’t feel important. And six years in, seven years in, you realize that is more important because this does allow you to focus on that, in a very strange sort of way which makes sense only when it makes sense to you. It is the most philosophical thing but you have to be hit by a truck to realize it. So today I am in a place where I value my professional life, but I cherish my personal life.”

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