Arbaaz Khan Says Salman Khan is Not The Reason Behind His Survival in Bollywood

Arbaaz Khan says that despite superstar Salman Khan being his younger sibling, he has managed to stay in the film industry on his own till date. His exact words to the media channel were:

“There are people who do not get to act after two films. I have been in the industry for over two decades… No one is going to keep giving me work because I am Salman Khan’s brother,”

He added,

“People may give me one or two films because of Salman but no one can make my career. I have to work towards it. I am getting work on my own merit, be it good or bad. At the end of the day I am standing here on my own.”

Arbaaz Khan Salman Khan

Arbaaz made his Bollywood debut with Abbas-Mustan’s Daraar where he was cast opposite Juhi Chawla. In the following years, he had his share of hits and flops. It was the 2010 Dabangg blockbuster and its sequel Dabangg 2 that brought him into the limelight again. He says that is pretty much satisfied with what he has achieved till date.

“I won an award for my debut film. However, my career went up and down after that but I kept getting work. I did whatever excited me and did not think which role or film will change my career.”

Arbaaz made his digital medium debut with own celebrity chat show, Pinch, and continuing with that he is now entering the web world as a performer with Poison.

Maybe, my next outing ‘Poison’ will turn out big. I had not thought of doing something like ‘Pinch’ and it is trending now. You never know what and how things will change for you professionally. I believe in focusing on doing work.” “Web is going to become very big…The format is different in terms of its storytelling pattern and it’s duration. Web audience enjoys watching stuff on the go, they prefer to watch it alone. It is isolated viewing while cinema is collective viewing.”

He will be playing the role of an antagonist in Poison. This show streams on ZEE5.


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