Anushka Sharma Will Accompany Virat Kohli on World Cup Tour But Here’s an Interesting Twist

Ever since Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have tied the knot in December 2017 and had become Virushka, they both are giving huge and extremely cute couple goals that are too hard to match. As we all know, the World Cup is around the corner and it is really the most important time for the team members of the Indian cricket team but especially for the captain. According to the sources, Anushka Sharma would be going to England for the cricket world cup to support and motivate her husband. But there is a twist in their plans and that twist will surely make you want to applaud them.

Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli

A well-placed source unveiled,

“Anushka has been the perfect partner supporting her husband at all his key milestones. Virat too has always gone out of his way for his beloved wife. Virat is captaining India for the first time in a 50-over World Cup tournament and Anushka wants to be there to root for him and see him lift the World Cup.”

The source further added,

“But what the couple is planning to do there is truly commendable. It just shows how supportive they are to each other and how they are actually each other’s better halves,”

Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli

While Anushka will be traveling to England to be a perfect pillar of strength to Virat, she might not be going to the stadium with him. In fact, she wants to go separately to watch the matches and cheer the loudest for Virat. When the wives of the cricketers travel on tours, they usually travel on the same team bus. This time it seems Anushka, on match days, would be hiring her own car and bearing all costs to visit the stadium separately and there’s an extremely heartwarming reason behind this decision. They have discussed the huge media attention that is bound to be there for the World Cup and both want to keep all distractions at bay during the World Cup which Virat definitely wants to try and win for India. Both feel the lesser the distraction on match days, the more the mind will only focus on the match,”

Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli

Virat and Anushka are both superstars in their respective fields and both of them know the value of it, as both have climbed the mountain of success and stardom with intense hard work. Both value where they have reached and obviously want to aim higher and higher. Both put their career at par with their personal life and balance it out beautifully.

Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli

With keeping their personal and professional lives separate they surely make us admire them. However, this amazing move of Virushka certainly has won all our hearts again as it only portrays their commitment and love for each other. Where, Anushka Sharma always proves her love and concern for her husband and his career, is always by his side during his crucial matches and has even flown down to different countries to be a part of his big days, Virat, on the other hand, leaves no stone unturned to compliment his wife for her acting prowess and stand up for her against the world.

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