Anushka Sharma & Prime Video Land Into Legal Trouble Because of ‘Paatal Lok’

Gorkha community has begun the process of signing an online petition in order to have a sexist slur dropped that appeared in the 2nd episode of Anushka Sharma produced Amazon Prime web series: Paatal Lok.

This won’t be the 1st incident of a TV show landing itself into trouble with the general public or a specific community. This has happened a lot of the times in the past too and unfortunately in the future the same can happen again even if it is unintentional. Such incidents happen both at the national and international levels. As writers are human and to err is human.

Anushka Sharma Prime Video Paatal Lok
Anushka Sharma Prime Video Paatal Lok

Coming back to Paatal Lok and Gorkha community.

‘Paatal Lok’ is a web series produced by Anushka Sharma’s home production house. It landed itself into trouble after a sexist slur that featured in a scene in the second episode of the web show offended the Gorkha community in India. ‘Paatal Lok’ was released on Amazon Prime on May 15th.

Anushka Sharma Prime Video Paatal Lok
Anushka Sharma Prime Video Paatal Lok

The Gorkha community has filed an online petition demanding that Amazon Prime Video with immediate effect should mute the slur, blur the subtitles and also upload edited videos accompanied by an unconditional apology and a disclaimer. The petition was addressed to the Union Minister For Information and Broadcasting: Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Amazon Prime Video, and series producer Anushka Sharma.

The 2nd episode, as per The Bharatiya Gorkha Yuva Parisangh, carries a direct insult to the Nepali community. Not only that, they feel that it was an example of the wider racist stereotyping of people from India’s northeastern regions.

They also put forward an argument that the scene would incite both racial and sexual slur and lead to an increase in rape attempts at women from their community. Nanda Kirati Dewan, President of the Bharatiya Gorkha Yuva Parisangh also revealed to The Hindu that they would move court if there is no response from the makers within the next 3 days.


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