Anushka Sharma Shares a Viral Video of Couple’s Reunification Post Covid-19

Bollywood Actor cum Producer: Anushka Sharma shared the viral video of an aged couple reuniting after COVID-19 scare, calling it life.

In the video that we are talking about we can see a couple who has been married for 70 years reuniting after months owing to the coronavirus scare. This couple was separated from each other owing to the coronavirus lockdown. Anushka shared this video on her Twitter handle and called it ‘Life’.

Anushka Sharma

As we all know that worldwide people have been separated from their near and dear ones, both on-shore and off-shore against their will, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And it is common advice by health professionals that in such situations whether it be a human being or animal, the company of someone dear to you can contribute in a great way towards better mental and physical health.

Coming back to Anushka and Viral Video.

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THIS is life,” penned Anushka whilst also sharing 3 violet hearts alongside the video. The couple in the viral video – 89-year-old Jean and 91-year-old Walter Willard – have been married to each other for 70 years. They could be seen in a wheelchair.

The couple exchanged lip kisses, held hands & even gave each other a hug whilst still on their wheelchair. They had been reunited after months at their nursing home in Troy, New York.

Have a look at the video and Anushka’s comment:

Anushka Sharma got hitched to Indian skipper Virat Kohli back in 2017. The couple had a fairytale wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Their marriage came as a pleasant surprise to fans and media alike, because at that moment Anushka’s career graph was seeing a rise and unlike most actors she chose to marry the love of her life and work both at the same time. At present, the couple is quarantining in Mumbai together.

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Anushka Sharma Covid-19

Just recently, Anushka has been making headlines for her debut in the production of a web show with ‘Paatal Lok’. The actress has been grateful for all the love showered on the show and had even hosted a virtual success bash with her cast to celebrate the show’s good opening.


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