Anupam Kher Deals With Naseeruddin Shah’s Bad Mouthing Through A Video Tweet

Very recently during an interview, veteran Bollywood actor: Naseeruddin Shah bad-mouthed fellow actor Anupam Kher without any prompting from the latter.

These were Shah’s words,

“a sycophant and a clown and someone who shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

Anupam Kher Naseeruddin Shah
Anupam Kher Naseeruddin Shah

Shah used these words when asked to comment on Kher’s political opinions and his stance on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Anupam Kher is not the kind of person who resorts to bad-mouthing whenever asked to comment on others. But these words were something that even his patience gave up and he released a video message to deal with Naseeruddin for his scathing remarks.

Anupam Kher tweeted this video and captioned it with the words,

“My message of love to Janab Naseeruddin Shah. He’s more experienced and older than me and I have always respected and will always respect his art. But sometimes it’s necessary to address some issues head-on. This is my answer,” (sic).

Talking about the contents of the video. In this video, Anupam Kher could be seen addressing Shah and saying,

“Janab Naseeruddin Shah Sahab, I watched the interview you gave about me. You said that I am a clown, and should not be taken seriously; that I am a sycophant and that all of it is in my blood. Thanks for these compliments, but I don’t take what you said seriously at all. However, I never bad-mouthed you, or said anything rude to you. But now I would like to say that you have spent your entire life, despite all the success, in frustration.”

Kher adds,

“If you can criticise Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, and Virat Kohli, then I am sure I am in great company. Also, none of these people took your statements seriously. Because we know that this is not you talking but all the substances you’ve consumed for years. They’ve clouded your judgement of what is right and what is wrong. If saying bad things about me gets you headlines for a couple of days, then this is my gift to you.”

He completed his message in the video by saying,

“May God keep you happy, your well wisher, Anupam. And do you know what’s in my blood? Hindustan. Just understand this. Jai ho,”

Here’s the tweet:

Talking about how it all began. Naseeruddin Shah was giving an interview to The Wire. There he took Anupam Kher (Kher’s Wife: Kirron Kher is Lok Sabha MP on BJP Ticket) with hard hand. Shah had been critical of Anupam Kher for his political stance, which often comes off as compliant to the ruling party. Shah even said that a lot of Kher’s NSD and FTII fellows can attest to his sycophantic nature, which is in his blood.


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