8 of The Most Annoying Bollywood Songs 

Annoying Bollywood Songs: 

We all can agree on this that Bollywood does sometimes create music that goes above our head. The lyrics have no meaning and still, sometimes, Bollywood thinks that such music could do well. 

The below-listed songs can seriously make people question your taste or it can get you fired from work or even make your ears bleed. 

 wondering which songs? Let’s find out. 

 1. Aa Jaa Aa Jaa

 This one’s from the film Jaani Dushman Ek Anokhi Kahani. I have no clue why a well-known singer like Udit Narayan would sing this song. 

 2. Hai Hukku Hai Hukku

 This song is from the movie Gopi Kishan. This song is still used to annoy the hell out of someone. You don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. 

 3. What Is Mobile Number

One of the most annoying Bollywood songs is from the movie Haseena Maan Jayegi. It’s like making a song from any word that comes to your mind or a sentence in this case. How annoying is that? 

 4. Tandoori Nights

 I used to enjoy this song as a child but later I realized this song doesn’t even make sense. What is he trying to say? What is good about Tandoori nights that he ended up making a song on it?

 5. Aashiq Banaya Aapne Remix

 This remix is from Hate Story 4. It takes real talent to destroy the Himesh Reshammiya song, and I think they have achieved their invincible state. 

 6. Batata Vada 

Batata Vada is from the movie Hifazat. I don’t know what to say after listening to this song. Is there any other song they created after this? 

 7. Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye 

 This one is from the movie Dilwale. If you are feeling super happy and positive, we want you to stay away from this song! You have been warned. 

 8. Gutar Gutar 

 This annoying song is from the movie Dalaal. There is just one question that comes to my mind after watching it and that’s kuch bhi karoge content ke lie?

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