Ankita Bhargava Calls Shardul Pandit’s Eviction ‘Quite Illogical’

A few days ago, Wild-card entry, Shardul Pandit left the house of Bigg Boss 14 with a heavy heart. Fans and audiences were shocked to see him evicted as he was successfully making people entertained with his performance inside the house.

Ankita Bhargava Shardul Pandit
Ankita Bhargava Shardul Pandit

Many fans called out Bigg Boss for their “Illogical” eviction as people did not anticipate his departure this soon. Not only this, before entering the house of controversies, Shardul said in an interview that his financial situation is not that stable and this will help him to get back on track. Not to forget, he even mentioned that he is in urgent need of money because of his ailing mother and this show is the right place for him to earn enough money for his mother.

One of the angry celebrities is Karan Patel’s wife, Ankita Bhargava, with whom Shardul Pandit shares a lovely-friendly bond. She took to Twitter to express her disappointment and said, ” “YES This eviction was Unfair & quite illogical! But this game sometimes has no set rules ! U might have taken away his screen time but u cant take away the fact that… @shardulpandit11 Bigg Boss ka DIL JEET KE AAYA HAI (you won the heart of Bigg Boss). LOOK AHEAD COS THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT… Nayi Kahani shuru (A new chapter begins).”

Shardul replied by saying, ” Tu thi tu hai tu rahegi mai tera hi nahi ab India ka #Mrindiashardul banega jo bhale hi na Dikhega par sabke dil mai rahega aur dil jeetega ye vada hai mera sabka #Mrindiashardul (You were there and you will be there for me. I am not just yours but the Mr India of the entire country, who might not be seen but has found a place in the hearts of everyone. This is my promise. Yours, Mr India Shardul).”

Ankita Bhargava Shardul Pandit
Ankita Bhargava Shardul Pandit

Talking about his eviction, reality  TV host, Salman Khan praised Shardul for his amazing performance inside the show, He mentioned that despite everything, Shardul gave his 100% inside the house and that his dedication and hard work is an inspiration for others. Salman also asked Shardul to reach out to him directly in case he requires finances for his mother’s treatment.

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