Ananya Panday’s Sister Reveals HOW Her Family Reacted To Her Living-In With Her Boyfriend

Ananya Panday’s sister (cousin) Alanna Panday is in a relationship with the film director Ivor McCray V. Their Instagram handles are filled with steamy & mushy photos & videos which have made the netizens do the talking. Also, Alanna has an active YouTube page where she posts travel Vlogs, boyfriend diaries & much more. In a recent video, Panday spoke about how her family reacted to the fact that she is living-in with Ivor.

Ananya Panday's Sister

In the video, Alanna can be heard saying:

“They were so happy. I remember telling my mom first that we are getting a house and she was absolutely ecstatic. Besides me moving in with him, this was also the first house that I got on my own, I was paying my own rent, and it was just a big step in my life, besides moving in with my boyfriend. Just having my own place.”

She further said:

“Parents are super open-minded about everything. Not just about living with Ivor, I think my parents are super open-minded in general. So, there was no convincing. I just called them one day and said, ‘Hey guys, this is the guy. I love him. We are staying together.'”

Alanna Panday and Ivor have been living together since June last year in Los Angeles. She also said:

“Eight months in the house but unofficially, we have been living together since January, so over a year.”

While talking about meeting Ivor’s family, Alanna said

“He actually has a huge family. We had to travel to several different places because half of them live in Washington, half live in Arizona. I met his parents multiple times, his sister, the full family. We did an entire trip with them, so I have spent a lot of quality time with his parents.”

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