Amitabh Bachchan Shares His Mental State During Coronavirus Treatment 

Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan have been receiving treatment for coronavirus at Mumbai’s Nanavati hospital after they tested COVID-19 positive. They are hospitalized in Nanavati Hospital’s isolation ward from where he is sharing his mental state with his global fan base via social media.

As we all know that a human is a social animal and irrespective of a person’s social status, being in isolation takes a toll on his/her mental health and Big B is not an exception to this. To divert his attention Big B resorted to penning down his mental state that he could share with his fans. According to what he shared our KBC host sings to distract himself from the darkness and the shiver of the cold room.

Sharing how he attempts to go to bed every night, Amitabh Bachchan blogged,

“In the darkness of the night and the shiver of the cold room, I sing .. eyes shut in attempted sleep .. there is no one about or around .. and the freedom to be able to do that will extend I know if in the Will of the Almighty there is release ..

The aftercare has ever been the deciding and most valuable time on recovery after the incident of medical professional doctoring in the patient life .. There is one note of matter that seems trivial but it is a factor .. the mental conditions and the effects of the disease .. clinically, medically all that is known to be effective, yet very little is known that remains hidden unseen and not visible .. matters of the mind often are not ..

The mental state sparks from the stark reality that the COVID patient, put in hospitalised isolation, never gets to see another human .. for weeks ..  There are the nurses and the doctors on visit and medicine care .. but they ever appear in PPE units .. you never get to know who they are , what are their features, expressions because they are forever covered in the units for protection .. all white beings about .. almost robotic in their presence .. they deliver what is prescribed and leave .. leave because longer stay has the fear of contamination ..

The Doctor under whose guidance the care and mapping and reports are governed by never ever comes near you to give a hand of assurance .. a personal detail of the treatment in the close proximity of an assurance .. they are on the communication vehicle of FaceTime .. it’s the best under the circumstances .. but it is still impersonal, it cannot physically be possible otherwise .. we are in remote treatment .. does it have an effect psychologically mentally, psychologists say it does .. patients after release are tempered .. they are given consultation by professional mind talkers .. they are afraid to be in public for fear or apprehension of being treated differently .. treated as one that has carried the disease .. a pariah syndrome .. driving them into deeper depression and in the loneliness that they have just come out of..”

Mr. Bachchan was admitted to Nanavati hospital on July 11. Within a few days, mother-daughter Aishwarya Rai and Aaradhya Bachchan, who were under home quarantine, too were admitted to the hospital, after showing fever symptoms.


Gaurav Gupta

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