Amitabh Bachchan to Play a Transgender in Akshay Kumar’s Kanchana Hindi Remake?

Tamil actor and director Raghava Lawrence is super excited to make his Bollywood directorial debut with Kanchana Hindi Remake starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani. The horror comedy’s Hindi version is named to be Laaxmi Bomb and it is also being quite liked since the announcement.

The shooting of the movie kicked off yesterday. Kiara Advani, the lead actor in the movie took to Instagram to share the news and posted a picture. She shared:

“First Day of #LAAXMIBOMB 💥 @shabskofficial @akshaykumar #raghavalawrence @tusshark89 and the journey has just begun.”

After the lead actors have been finalised, the reports buzzing around suggest that Amitabh Bachchan is currently in talks with the filmmakers to star in the movie in the pivotal role. There are high chances that we may get to see Big B essaying the role of a transgender woman. In the original Tamil version, actor Sarathkumar played this titular character Kanchana. Though nothing has been officially announced or confirmed regarding this, if we see Big B in this role, it will only add to his rich versatile roles that he has been playing, more so in the recent years.

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The director of the movie, Raghave Lawrence had earlier in an interview with Deccan Chronicle revealed how Akshay Kumar was zeroed in for the role. He revealed,

“Akshay Kumar and I have been in talks for a year and a half toying with the idea of remaking Kanchana in Hindi. And after several discussions, it has come to shape finally. I am improvising the script to suit the present times, Akshay’s image and also Bollywood audience tastes.”

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Talking about Akshay’s character in the movie, a Mid-Day report had stated that he will play the role of a fearless man who does not believe in the concept of ghosts. The lead role will be different than the original one, making it diverse than Kanchana.

Apparently, Akshay’s character will be possessed by a ghost at Kiara’s character’s house and the story will take on forward from there on. About her role in the movie, a source earlier revealed,

“Her character will play a crucial role in his exorcism. Finally, Akshay will be possessed by one ghost – that of the transgender, Laxmi – and not three ghosts as seen in the Tamil movie.”

This film is the official remake of the ‘Kanchana’ from the Tamil franchise. The first one in the franchise was released in 2007 in which the lead was possessed by a spirit. Its sequel titled as ‘Kanchana Muni’, which was released after four years revolved around the male lead who gets possessed by a transgender ghost.

The announcement of the horror comedy starring Akshay Kumar instantly took the audiences back to his 2007 super hit film Bhool Bhulaiyaa. The official synopsis of Muni 2: Kanchana reads:

Raghava, a man who is scared of going outside, tries to conquer his fears by going to a ground that is supposedly haunted. However, he is soon possessed by a spirit who is out for revenge.

Are you excited to see Big B playing a transgender in the film? Tell us in the comments.


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