Alia Bhatt Sings the Song ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ for Ranbir?

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are one of the most gossiped couples of the Bollywood industry as of now. The couple has also declared their relationship officially in the media and the couple is definitely one of the hottest topics in the media these days. Talking more about both of them, they have truly been the most successful actors in the film industry and have done some amazing blockbuster films. Now they are also working together in a film named ‘Brahmastra’ which would be directed by Ayan Mukerji. Interestingly, this would be the first film together for this adorable couple.

Alia Bhatt sings for Ranbir Kapoor

Recently a video of Alia Bhatt singing ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ song from Ranbir Kapoor’s film has been running viral on the social media. The video in which she is singing is from ‘Umang 2018’ which was an event which was held in the year 2018 itself. In the video, we can also see Karan Johar teasing her by indirectly pointing towards Ranbir but she suddenly changed the topic at that point. It is being said that the song ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is the favourite song of the superstar Ranbir Kapoor and that could definitely be the reason for Alia Bhatt singing that.

Even times before when Alia Bhatt and Ranbir were dating, Alia Bhatt has talked about Ranbir on a Television chat show and told that she had a crush on him. She used to tell that she finds Ranbir Kapoor adorable and also said that she wants to marry him. At that time she said,

“I remember the first time I spoke to Ranbir… you called him up when ‘Rockstar’ released and you said, here talk to Ranbir tell him how much you love him. And I just spoke so much rubbish, I was just talking non-stop. But later I have hung out with Ranbir and I still think he is really adorable and I still want to marry him.”

Well, now she is actually dating Ranbir and which definitely explains that you never know what comes with time and today actually rumours of their marriage have been spreading in the film industry.

Alia Bhatt has truly been an amazing actress and is definitely one of the finest gems in our Bollywood industry. In the recent days, she is also being known for her soothing voice. She has also sung few songs previously in the Bollywood and her voice is also being loved by the fans. She has sung some of the unplugged songs like ‘Samjhawan’ and ‘Humsafar’ which were truly loved by the Bollywood fans and her voice was immensely appreciated. Talking about the song she had sung in the event, it is truly depictable that it was dedicated to her current boyfriend, the superstar Ranbir Kapoor.

Talking more about their relationship, it has been quite open in the media and both of them are quite comfortable of talking about this in the public. They are definitely one of the most adorable couples of the Bollywood film industry if we talk about now and also are on the top of their careers. Both of them have a large number of fan following and they are truly admired by the Bollywood fans. Not only Ranbir and Alia, but also their parents are quite positive about their relationship and have been sharing all the positive thoughts on these superstars.

Previously we also saw Rishi Kapoor talking about Alia Bhatt and sharing all the positive opinions on her. Rishi Kapoor states that he admires Alia Bhatt a lot and appreciates her contribution in the Bollywood Industry. He talks about some of the films of Alia Bhatt and also says the no one else could have done them better than her. He says that she is a very talented actor and her brilliant acting in the films like Highway and Raazi proves that thing. The news on their relationship is surely one of the hottest topics in the media and the fans can hear a really good news very soon regarding this adorable couple.

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