There’s A Question For You After You See This Alia Bhatt Video. Was Alia Bhatt Rude To Her Bodyguards?

Alia Bhatt has done something that has landed her in trouble.

We all are well aware of the fact that being a celebrity is a big responsibility. And when you have a social media presence then you are in the dangerous waters where you have to watch your every move. A video of Alia Bhatt has surfaced online where she is most probably being rude with her bodyguards.

Alia Bhatt Rude To Her Bodyguards
Alia Bhatt Rude To Her Bodyguards

A popular photojournalist Viral Bhayani shared a video of Alia Bhatt on his Instagram page, that left many netizens quite baffled!

In this video, Alia can be seen telling her bodyguards “Aap log jaaiye aage” and “Aap log chaliye”.

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Alia’s this not so admired job have invited a lot of reactions from netizens. Most of them couldn’t stop schooling Alia Bhatt over her ‘attitude’ and asked her to watch her rude behavior with her bodyguards. The way she is ordering them is anything but appropriate. Below are some of the extreme reactions telling Alia to watch her behavior….

@sr_ib_456: “Wow! Such a nice loving attitude! And apparently she’s nominated one of Asia’s most inspiring women…..👏👏👏👏👏👏.”

@that_troll_slayer_girl: “What’s with that attitude, woman? They are your bodyguards. Give respect.”

@_the_article_: “This girl lost all her innocence that innocence she had before I really used to like her.”

@dbhingmar: “Give respect to ur fans and bodyguards others wise ur career became spoiled.”

To Alia’s rescue, there were some of her fans that stood beside her in these hard times. They defended her with comments that to err is human.

@kbharath_cse: “what the f* guys…let them be what they are…they are also humans get irritated sometimes..they can also have happy, sad, angry feelings…not only kindness, poor celebrities.”

@goldlavender: “it can happen yaar after a long day or consecutive days of working.. people can be tired and snap…..things must be put into context and consistency, she’s not consistently rude so everyone just calm down.”

What’s Your Take On This?

Do you feel that Alia is at fault or she is the victim of a misunderstanding? Share your views in the comments section below!


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