“Life Must Go On” Akshay Kumar’s Message to General Public.

Bollywood’s Khiladi: Akshay Kumar is always at the forefront when it comes to delivering social messages. This time too Akshay has an awareness message for the world facing the coronavirus pandemic.

‘We Are Going To Move On With Our Lives’

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare made public an awareness video about coronavirus that featured Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar's Message
Akshay Kumar’s Message

Some time ago, Akshay Kumar shot a coronavirus awareness video at Kamalistan Studio in Mumbai. The video was helmed by Pad Man helmer R Balki and was backed by the Health Ministry. Several pics and videos from the sets made it to social media and it very soon became a topic of discussion for netizens. Now the video is finally out and is named ‘Akshay Kumar’s awareness message for coronavirus’.

Going into details. In this video, Akshay could be seen donning a simple look and leaving for work while wearing a mask. When all of a sudden he is stopped by someone who stops him and says it’s risky to step out amid the crisis. Akshay then explains to this person that wearing a mask is a necessity but regular life activity cannot be stopped for eternity. He also urges viewers to take necessary precautions whenever they step out of their homes. Akshay also shares that if someone gets infected, then there are several measures undertaken by our government for public safety.

Have a look at the video below:

Earlier during an interview with PTI, Balki spoke about the ad campaign stating,

“This is an ad for the health ministry featuring Akshay Kumar about the post lockdown responsibilities of each one of us. We need to get back to work but ensure our safety and those of others. So at our shoot, we did the same.”

Padman director also added,

“Like getting back to work with social distancing, sanitised outdoor set, disinfectant screen, masks. We got used to it in a few minutes. There was minimal crew and very strict protocols.”


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