Akshay Kumar Has Used And Dropped Me, Stated Shilpa Shetty

Akshay Kumar has been one of the most versatile and successful actors of the Bollywood industry. He is also known as the stuntman of the film industry and has done many superhit films. He is also that one actor who has mostly maintained a good amount of distance from controversies and who never indulges in any sort of problem. Well, going into the past of Akshay Kumar’s life one comes across one famous controversy of Akshay Kumar with Shilpa Shetty and one can just not forget this as this was one of the hyped controversies at that particular time.

According to the reports, Shilpa Shetty and Akshay Kumar fell in love when they were shooting for the movie ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari. According to Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar has betrayed her as he has not been loyal to her in their relationship. She stated that Akshay Kumar has been having other affairs as well and he has been totally unfaithful to her. Their relation was quite hyped in the media and it left the Bollywood fans completely shocked when they heard this about Akshay Kumar. Shilpa shared her pain in the public where she stated that Akshay Kumar is a cheater.

In an interview in the year 2000, Shilpa Shetty said to the interviewers that, “ I never imagined that he could two – time me, and that too all along our relationship. Shilpa Shetty also claimed that she has no problem with Twinkle Khanna and she just has a problem with Akshay Kumar and not Twinkle. She said, “No, I’m not upset at all with her. What’s her fault if my man was cheating on me? There’s no point blaming any other woman, it was entirely his fault. Shilpa Shetty also said, “ Akshay Kumar used me and conveniently dropped me after he found someone else. The only person I was upset with was him. But I’m sure he’ll get it all back. It’s not easy to forget the past so soon, but I’m glad I’ve had the strength to move on. Today he’s a forgotten chapter as far as I’m concerned, I will never work with him again.”

According to the interviews, Shilpa Shetty and Akshay Kumar broke up when they were shooting for the movie ‘Dhadkan’. They broke up at the time of the shooting when the film was being made. Shilpa Shetty on the other side said that “When you love someone and all along, don’t realize that you are being taken for a ride, it can be very annoying. I wanted our film to get over and be released so that it wouldn’t come on the way of our producers. I couldn’t harass them just because my personal life was turning into shambles. So I decided to wait till Dhadkan was released. According to the statements of Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar had used her and then dropped her totally. Shilpa Shetty claims that Akshay Kumar had used her two times in their relationship.

Well talking about the current scenario, Akshay Kumar is happily married to the gorgeous Twinkle Khanna and it has been more than 17 years now. They have been living a completely happy married life and are one of the most lovely and adorable couples in the film industry. A little ago, Twinkle Khanna talked about her relation with Akshay Kumar and stated that she came with him in a time pass sort of a relationship to free her mind as she just had a breakup before she met Akshay, however, the things turned the other way and she completely fell in love with him and now all can see how adorable this couple is. Twinkle Khanna at first thought that their relationship would not work and she would break this soon as she confessed in the coffee show. Twinkle Khanna said, “ And there he was, six feet of chocolate ice-cream. So I decided, I am going to have a fling with him and it’s going to last 15 days.” What a turn around it was in Akshay Kumar’s life. Now he has been one of the most successful actors of the film industry with also a very successful husband.

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