Akshay Kumar Reacts to Trolls For Changing Sooryavanshi Release Date

In the beginning, there was a piece of news creating a hype in the public that Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi was all set to lock horns with Salman Khan’s Inshallah on Eid 2020. But as we all know that both these Bollywood Biggies have a huge fanbase so the box-office collection of both the movies was destined to suffer, even in the thought process of Salman and Akshay.

So after a sitting with Sooryavanshi director: Rohit Shetty, Salman convinced him to prepone his directorial film’s release date, so that both the movies can have best of the box-office. But this understanding between Sooryvanshi and Inshallah makers didn’t go well with Akshay’s fan base and a few netizens began negative Twitter trends such as “#BoycottSooryavanshi” and “ShameOnRohitShetty” to troll Akshay and director Rohit Shetty for changing the film’s release date.

Akshay Kumar Gives A Reaction To Trolls For Changing Sooryavanshi Release Date

But as soon as the Khiladi Kumar came to know about all this, he took to Twitter to urge netizens to stop promoting negative trends related to Sooryavanshi. Below are his words. In his twitter plea to his fans he wrote,

“Since the past few days I’ve noticed some negative trends being done by people dearest to me… you guys. I can see and understand your angst, all I do is request you all with folded hands not to start/participate in such trends.”

His plea continued with words,

“I took up Sooryavanshi with a very positive outlook, let’s continue making and releasing it in the same way.”

Akshay Kumar Gives A Reaction To Trolls For Changing Sooryavanshi Release Date

For those who are not very clear about what happened in the beginning. Here is the situation in detail. It was Salman who had announced the new release date of Sooryavanshi and also thanked Rohit for averting the box office clash by tweeting,

“I always thought of him as my younger brother and today he proves it… #RohitShetty Sooryavanshi releasing on 27th March, 2020.”

And when it comes to Sooryavanshi, the movie casts Akshay as Anti-terrorism squad chief, while Kat would be his lady love on-screen. Film’s first shooting schedule has already commenced in Bangkok, the very country where Akshay worked as a food chef prior to making a B-town debut.


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