Akshay Kumar Beats Salman Khan With His Rank in the Forbes Top 100 Highest Paid Entertainers Worldwide

Akshay Kumar has been one of the most successful actors of the film industry. He has done some totally amazing films and has established himself very well in the film industry. Our Khiladi is also one of the highest paid actors in the Bollywood and his acting is totally loved by the fans. He is more famous for his roles in action movies and also comedy films. He has done some amazing films like Hera Pheri, Baby, Airlift and many which were very well received by the fans and proves the talent of this successful actor. On the other side, Salman Khan has been one of the most famous actors in the Bollywood with an unbelievable stardom. He has also been one of the most successful actors of the film industry and is totally loved by the fans.

Both Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have been one of the highest paid Bollywood actors and charge a good amount for a film. According to the reports, these two actors have been included in the Forbes Top 100 list of highest entertainers worldwide. Talking more about the list of Forbes Top 100 list, Akshay Kumar surprisingly beats Salman Khan in the ranking. Akshay Kumar has been ranked 75th on the list and the superstar Salman Khan has been ranked 82nd on the list.

Talking about the earnings, Akshay Kumar’s earnings this year has been $40.5 million and on the other side Salman Khan’s earnings this year is said to be $37.7 million. If we talk about Akshay Kumar, a magazine has written,

“One of Bollywood’s leading men has transitioned to socially-conscious roles, such as Toilet, a comedy supporting government campaigns to improve sanitation, and Padman, about a guy hoping to provide inexpensive sanitary pads to rural communities. He still mints millions from backened profits and endorsing some 20 brands, including Tata and Everready.”


On the other side, for Salman Khan who has also been listed in the Forbes Top 100 on the 82nd number, the magazine has written,

“The Bollywood mainstay continues to produce and star in hits such as ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, cashing in on back- end profits. Coupled with a slew of endorsements from Suzuki motorcycles to Chloromint gum, he remains one of India’s top earners.”

Definitely, Salman Khan has always been there in the list as almost all his movies get to be Blockbusters and always cross the 100 crore mark. He also charges a great amount for doing a film and again he is there in the list.

Akshay Kumar Salman Khan Forbes Top 100 Highest Paid Entertainers

Surprisingly, the King Khan of our film industry, Shah Rukh has not been listed on the Forbes Top 100 list of highest paid entertainers. He has always been there in the 100 list but this year surprisingly he has not been included in the list. In the year 2017 Shah Rukh Khan had been listed on the 65th spot in the Forbes highest paid entertainers list. He has been a very consistent actor but this year has definitely affected the consistency of this successful and world famous actor. Talking more about the list, the famous American Boxer Floyd Mayweather has been on the top of the list with the earnings of $285, followed by the Hollywood superstar George Clooney with the earnings of $239 million.

Well, for the Bollywood fans it’s definitely not shocking that Salman Khan has been listed in the Forbes list but many fans are surprised to see Akshay Kumar beating him in the list. Definitely, he has shown that he is one of the topmost actors of the film industry and marks his position in the list on the 76th spot. There’s not much difference in the spot of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar as Salman Khan is only six steps away from him which is the 82nd position. Both of them have been the real gems of the film industry and have established themselves very well in the industry. It’s definitely great to see two Bollywood actors in the top 100 highest paid entertainers which have been counted on the worldwide basis.

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