Akshay Kumar And Salman Khan Beat Chris Evans in Forbes’ Highest Paid Actors List

Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar have been one of the most successful actors of the film industry. They both have contributed to many super hit films which have truly been loved by the Bollywood fans and have received immense success in their acting career. They both have established themselves very well in the film industry with their phenomenal acting skills and have also gained immense popularity across the globe. Talking more about these actors, they are also one of the highest paid actors of the Bollywood industry and that’s one of the reasons why these two actors have also been listed in Forbes’ Annual Top 10 highest paid actors list.

They both have always been a treat to watch on the big screen and now, it’s a very proud moment that these two phenomenal Bollywood actors have been included in Forbes’ Annual ‘Top 10 Highest Paid Actors List’. Their names have been included with the actors like Chris Hemsworth, George Clooney, Jackie Chan and Dwayne Johnson. The stuntman of the film industry, Akshay Kumar has been ranked seven on the Forbes list while the Blockbuster Khan has been listed ninth.

Akshay Kumar Salman Khan Chris Evans Forbes’ Highest Paid Actors

Akshay Kumar’s annual earning has been stated as $40.5 million which brings him on the seventh spot; while Salman Khan’s annual earning is being stated $38.5 million. There is a gap of $1.5 million dollars which is why Akshay Kumar comes before Salman Khan this time. Last year Akshay Kumar was ranked 10 on the Forbes’ Annual Highest paid actors list. This year he has done some really successful films like PadMan and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and also he has been a part of many endorsements which in all have helped him to grab the seventh position this time.

On the other side, if we talk about Salman Khan, he has retained his position in the Forbes Annual Top 10 Highest paid actors list. This year Salman Khan has done films like Tiger Zinda Hai and Race 3 which have helped him retain his ninth spot in the Forbes Annual Highest Paid actors list. His both the films went on to be a blockbuster at the box office and both of them crossed the mark of 150 crore. Not only movies but also many endorsements have helped him to retain his spot on the Forbes list.

One more interesting fact of these two actors being on the list is that they both are ahead of Chris Evans who is the actor of Avengers. Chris Evans is also on the Forbes Annual Top 10 Highest Paid Actors List and he has been ranked tenth. The annual earning of Chris Evans has been stated as $34 million which is very less than Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan’s annual earning. It is $6.5 million less than Akshay Kumar’s earning and $4.5 million less than Salman Khan’s annual earning.

Talking more about the Forbes Annual Top 10 Highest Paid actors list, Shah Rukh Khan has not been included in it this time. It has definitely been very surprising for many Bollywood fans as his name has always been there on the list in the previous years. SRK stood eighth in the year 2016 and also in the year 2017. This time, the news has been very disappointing for his fans as his name has not been included in the list. The reason for this can also be that this year Shah Rukh Khan has not appeared in any film and on the other side, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have given two blockbuster films which is why their names are there on the list and SRK’s name has been dropped.

Here’s the entire Forbes’  list of the world’s highest paid male actors in the year 2018-

George Clooney: $239m

Dwayne Johnson: $124m

Robert Downey Jr: $81m

Chris Hemsworth: $64.5m

Jackie Chan: $45.5m

Will Smith: $42m

Akshay Kumar: $40.5m

Adam Sandler: $39.5m

Salman Khan: $38.5m

Chris Evans: $34m

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