Not Akshay Kumar, This Hollywood Actor Was Supposed to Play The Villain in 2.0

The second installment of the super hit 2010 Tamil film, Enthiran, 2.0 has created quite a buzz since its first look posters were officially released in 2016 and now the 2.0 trailer has unveiled what we have coming our way. Enthiran’s Hindi version, Robot featuring Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth in the lead roles, was a big hit all over the country which prompted the makers to take its sequel to a new level. And now, Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti are coming back. And this time Akshay Kumar joined the cast, making it even more exciting, especially for his and Bollywood fans.

Recently, a video on the internet went viral which showcased what all effort went into creating the look that Akshay Kumar is carrying in the film and it was astonishing to see the making video. Though Akshay Kumar’s entry in the film has got everyone excited, the movie’s director Shankar revealed that he was not the first choice for the role. In fact, he had several other actors in mind but the one that topped the list was none other than the much loved Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Akshay Kumar 2.0

Speaking to a press conference in Mumbai, Shankar said that they, in fact, had discussed the role and decided the dates as well but things didn’t work out in the end. He said,

“We had thought of casting Arnold. We had talked and allotted dates also. But somehow things did not work out as the contracts of Hollywood and India are contradictory. So we thought of looking at a good cast from the Indian film industry.”

Now, that the 71-year-old actor was out of the picture, the team definitely wanted a big star to be the Chitti rival in the movie and so he shared what led to Akshay’s casting in the film.

“Lyca (producers of 2.0) and Akshay were in talks for a remake of a film called ‘Kathi’ in Hindi. Everyone told me to consider Akshay and I also thought it would be nice. I narrated the story to him and he said yes,” the director said.

Akshay is one of the most hardworking actors we have in the industry and for him, getting the look on was much difficult than it looks in the making video. He also tweeted a picture. Here, have a look:

Akshay Kumar 2.0

Akshay Kumar on working with Rajinikanth shared an incident from the sets of 2.0. He said,

“Once, we were just sitting on the set, waiting for the next shot and he brushed some dirt off his pants. The entire unit was awestruck by how stylishly he did it. Everything he does is so stylish. I even enjoyed getting punched by him.”

2.0 Trailer Rajinikanth

Akshay Kumar would be playing a bird-man scientist named Dr. Richard in the movie and Rajinikanth would be reprising his role as Dr. Vaseegaran and his robot, Chitti. The film also features Adil Hussain, Sudhanshu Pandey and Amy Jackson in major roles. The movie is all set to hit the theatres on 29 November 2018.


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