Akshay Kumar Tells Horrifying Truth About Coronavirus Patients

Have a look at how Bollywood’s Action Man: Akshay Kumar reveals that HORRIFYING truth about people quarantined over coronavirus alongside urging social distancing.

Akshay Kumar Unravels Horrifying Truth About Quarantined Coronavirus Patients

Just a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid stress on the need of social distancing and requested Janta curfew, Akshay Kumar also posted a video on his social media account in which he elaborated how social distancing would not only help the person tested positive for coronavirus but people around him/her too.

Akshay began his video with words,

“I am in home-isolation and am hoping even all of you are. If you are outside, I’m hoping it is for an extremely important work. It is very crucial to ask ourselves one question which is, is it necessary for me to go out? Is it safe for me and people around me if I go out? You would be wondering why am I asking so many questions. Let me tell you. People who have just come back from travelling and have been tested positive at the airport, are being sent for quarantine. They are explained to keep social distance for two whole weeks as a precaution not only for you but also for the people around you.”

Akshay Kumar Unravels Horrifying Truth About Quarantined Coronavirus Patients

Akshay who had more truths to share added,

“Believe it or not, despite the home-quarantined stamp, some of these people are not only still travelling in the cities but also throughout India. They have been attending weddings, going on vacations, gathering at places and partying. What kind of a mentality is this, what do you not understand? Sir/madam, coronavirus is not on a vacation. It is working day-and-night overtime. It is leading the race. But the race is pending, nobody has won yet. We can and will win this race.”

Akshay Kumar Unravels Horrifying Truth About Quarantined Coronavirus Patients

Akshay had a plea for his fellow Indians,

“If you are trying to be part of the race then do not prove doctors, nurses and government servants wrong in trying to cure people. This is the first race in the world in which the runner who stops would win and that too not alone, but helping everyone else win. This is a race where everyone would either win or lose. BMC calls this stamp the ‘badge of honour’. This is because you won’t be saving your own self but many others. People who save lives should be honoured. So please don’t dishonour this. It is just a matter of a few weeks till things go back to normal. Somebody was thinking right when they said, ‘Jaan Hai Toh Jahaan Hai’. Think and understand.”

Akshay accompanied the video with a tweet that read,

“For the first time in life, the winner will be the one who will stay put! This is a race, one which will save us…Say yes to #SocialDistancing please #BreakCorona #TogetherAtHome @mybmc”

Have a look at his video here:

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