Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Trolled Again For Being Overprotective About Aaradhya

All this started when Vivek Oberoi posted a controversial tweet that had something aimed at Aishwarya Rai Bachchan while she was making her presence felt at Cannes 2019. But even post the deletion of the tweet and a public apology by Vivek, things don’t seem to cool down for Aishwarya.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Again Becomes A Victim Of Social Media Trolling As Her Troubles Are Still Not Over

She was trolled again on social media after she made a public appearance at the Mumbai airport while she was returning from off-shore and accompanying her was her daughter, Aaradhya who had also walked the red carpet at Cannes 2019 alongside her on the first day. The subject of trolling this time was that she was acting like an ‘obsessive’ mother, which is a natural mother instinct, whenever one finds her child in jeopardy and Aishwarya seemed to do nothing wrong if she wasn’t a public figure.

Below are some of the comments that trolls posted:

“I may get hate for this comment but this is another level of nepotism..Taking your daughter to Cannes is fine..But even she dresses up and appears for the events..Why?” To which another replied, saying, “no hate reply at all. So agree with ur comment. Even taking ur kids to those events not healthy for kid. Did u ever see this kid with her grandparents or father alone. NO. bcs ash is super overprotective over aggressive over all manipulative person. She making this girl life miserable in long run.”

This kind of Aishwarya bashing continued by people sitting behind their screens and faces hidden all throughout the day. Some even went further and dragged Aaradhya into this trolling exercise with the below posts:

@shelby2904.k: “This little girl needs rest and nutritional diet.. for God’s sake smbody tell her mother.”

@disha_khanai: “Taimur is much healthier than Aaradhya and he walks now independently not like Aishwarya daughter seems like she is only scaring her daughter.”

This is not the first incident when Aishwarya has been attacked with mean comments and has been mother-shamed. What she and her daughter are doing in their public life is walking beside each other and it is also to be noticed they haven’t ever asked for cameras to aim at them and make them popular.


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