Adnan Sami Backs Sonu Nigam’s Music Mafia Statement

Pakistan born Indian citizen: Adnan Sami came out in support of Sonu Nigam’s ‘Music Mafia’ statement. Adnan said, ‘Change is here and it’s knocking on your door’.

After Sonu Nigam, Adnan Sami is the recent musician who has openly complained that Bollywood and Music Mafias do exist and it has made it very tough for creative people or new talent to come ahead to make their future in this industry, all thanks to these mafias.

Adnan Sami Sonu Nigam’s Music Mafia
Adnan Sami Sonu Nigam’s Music Mafia

The unexpected demise of Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14th has created a stir on social media. Whilst there has been a rising demand for a thorough investigation in the matter, it has also created a huge uproar on nepotism, both online and offline. Netizens are calling out big producers, star kids, and other powerful people for what seems like open biases in the industry against outsiders, in other words, the talent who does not have any relative in the industry to ask a favor for them. Singer Sonu Nigam, currently in Dubai, took his aim at a couple of music studios for their mafia-like control over the industry. Sonu also disclosed that it is distressing for young talents and we might even hear cases of suicide in artistes from the music world in the time to come.

Adnan Sami Sonu Nigam’s Music Mafia
Adnan Sami Sonu Nigam’s Music Mafia

Talking about Adnan Sami’s support. In a long post that Adnan wrote, he expressed a strong desire that Bollywood and the music industry both need a Herculean shake-up. He also said that change was knocking at the doors of Bollywood.

People came out in support of Adnan. Like Singer Alisha Chinai wrote,

“The Movie n Music Industry in India is a Toxic Place…. !!!!The Movie n Music Mafia wants to try and control you with fear n power… Work Ethics n Fair Play are non existent…. It’s a Sham n Damn Rip off… Instead of Revering n Respecting the Artist who feeds them they fuck you over with fraudulent contracts n boycott you if you don’t massage their misplaced Egos n Kiss-Ass or succumb to their pressure n play the game their way … The whole System Sucks…. !!!! It’s the main reason why the music in the movies have crashed… it’s a Karma Reset.”


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