Aamir Khan to Take His First Dip in The Big Ocean of Web Series

Aamir Khan will be making his debut in the web series world but unlike Shah Rukh Khan, he is not going to do it on Netflix and also it won’t be with ‘Mahabharat’. 

Aamir Khan To Take A Dip In The Big Ocean Of Web Series

This wasn’t very long ago, that Aamir Khan was seen in a pic with Shah Rukh Khan at a Netflix event, which made his fans wonder whether the actor would be making his web series debut at the platform. But if the rumors are to be believed then it is, highly unlikely that Aamir would collaborate with Netflix for his debut web show.

Going by a Mid-Day report Aamir Khan would not take the path already taken by Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar. Mr. Perfectionist would rather make his debut with India’s much-used platform Amazon Prime, with the assistance of his writers.

According to the report, Aamir wishes to have a multi-series magnum opus for the platform, that is both conceptualized and developed by his team of writers.

A source close to the project told the daily,

“It was recently pitched to the heads of the streaming giant, who have been keen to collaborate with the superstar and looking for a project that is worthy of him. The show is a human interest drama.”

Confirming that the project is not Aamir Khan’s dream project ‘Mahabharat’ and that would for sure take place at a later stage, this source confirmed,

“For now, there are three well-rounded ideas that are being worked upon.”

Either way, at present Aamir is busy with his Christmas release ‘Laal Singh Chadha’, which is the Bollywood version of ‘Forrest Gump’. Aamir Khan, like a ritual every year, might announce his next project on his birthday that will be on coming March 14th. So, Aamir Khan fans has just less than a month to wait before the actor issues an clarification about his upcoming projects.


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