A Twitterati Asked Sonu Sood To Send Him To Maldives, HERE’S HOW The Actor Responded

After the help of migrant laborers in the lockdown, Sonu Sood came to be called the ‘Messiah’ of the needy. Immediately after the lockdown in Corona Pandemic, the actor worked to send thousands of migrants to their homes. Sonu is still helping people. He is constantly active on Twitter and often gives users answers in his witty style.

Sonu Sood

Something similar was seen when a twitter user asked him to send him to Maldives. The user tagged Sonu Sood and wrote, ‘Sir.. muje Maldieves jana hai.. Pocha ke do naa..’ Sonu in response to this wrote- ‘साइकल पे जाओगे यां रिक्षा पे भाई ?’ After this tweet from the actor, many users posted funny comments.

A user wrote:

Buy him a private jet @SonuSood
Next day the other would be asking for a rocket to reach Mars.

Another user wrote:

Recently, some users had questioned a tweet by Sonu Sood. In fact, a person on Twitter asked for help with his child’s heart surgery. The trolls said that the person did not even tag Sonu Sood, so how did he come to know. Sonu Sood shared a picture of the child and his family while giving a befitting reply to the trolls. There were hospital papers as well. With this, Sonu Sood wrote that:

‘मामला यहां दिल का था इसलिए शायद कुछ लोग मात खा गए। तारीख का हिसाब समझने के लिए, किसी बच्चे की हार्ट सर्जरी जरूर करवाएं। क्योंकि एक दिन में एक लाख लोगों की मदद, सुनने में कुछ समय लग ही जाता है। बच्चा भर्ती हो गया है, उसे फूल भेजना मत भूलना। ऐसे ही प्यार दें और प्रेरित करते रहें।‘

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