A Repeat Of The History. Musician Shekhar Ravjiani Paid Rupees 1672 At Ahmedabad Hotel For 3 Boiled Eggs

Musician Shekhar Ravjiani who is the brother of Vishal Dadlani a well known musician from Bollywood was charged with Rs. 1672.66 for ordering 3 boiled eggs in a hotel in Ahmedabad.

Shekhar Ravjiani Ahmedabad Hotel
Shekhar Ravjiani Ahmedabad Hotel

Sometime back we reported that Actor: Rahul Bose was charged Rs. 442.50 for ordering 2 bananas in a renowned resort while he was at work in Chandigarh. Now history has repeated itself, with a different person at a different place. But one thing remained the same, the victim is employed in the entertainment industry and the culprit is again a luxury hotel charging Eggxorbitant prices for just 3 boiled eggs. Read below for more details….

The base price for these 3 eggs was 1350 rupees i.e. 450 rupees per one egg. The luxury hotel which has such an eggxorbitant menu is Hyatt Regency hotel in Ahmedabad.

The hotel didn’t stop at 1350. They levied a service charge of 5% i.e. 67.50 rupees and after that Rs. 127.58 x 2 for 9% CGST & SGST respectively.

After all the calculation one can say that if you order one boiled egg at this hotel then you will have to cough out Rs. 557.55.

Hyatt wanted to have some fun with this bill and the person being invoiced i.e. the musician. They offered him an option to redeem some amount after the payment, as per the policies of the hotel. As per the bill, Shekhar is eligible to redeem an amount of Rs. 322.66. The hotel didn’t stop at that and mentioned in the bill that service charge is at discretion.

Shekhar tweeted the pic of this eggxorbitant bill and captioned it with the words,

“Rs. 1672 for 3 egg whites??? That was an Eggxorbitant meal.”


Have a look at his tweet here:

Talking about Shekhar Ravjiani. To date, he has composed a lot of songs and the most of the time works with his brother.

This is the way hotels having luxury on your hard-earned money.

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